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This has not been a good day for me, having started on a lemony mode.

During breakfast, I called for a cab with a local blue company as is my usual habit and managed to get one relatively quickly. The estimated time of arrival of the cab was between seven to 10 minutes.

Seven minutes later, I was pacing at the void deck, annoyed that the cab was nowhere to be found. Called the cab company, was put on hold for a while before the customer service lady said that the driver was around my area but did not respond to their calls. Soon enough, the cab turned into the driveway and the moment I got on, already panicking slightly because I was afraid I would be late for work, the driver started ranting away angrily.

“I waited for so long and even made two rounds to make sure I did not miss you,” he fairly shouted. I told him that he had given his ETA as seven minutes and I was punctual, hence this was no fault of mine. He ignored me and started his tirade again before I interrupted him, with a raised voice, that it was his problem for indicating his ETA as seven minutes. And then, I muttered under my breath, loudly, “what the fuck” and bingo! he shut up and calmed down.

The morning could only get worse. I started encountering a lingering, dull ache to my shoulders and lower back and no matter how I stretched, it wouldn’t go away. What was worse, my “reactive” stomach (according to a doctor) had chosen today to act up again and I could feel it chugging and churning away like a productive little bee. I had to down a Panadol to drive the aches away.

Thankfully, I was complaining to the sista about my problem and she suggested that I attend her Bodybalance class at the gym as the stretches could help alleviate the pain. And it did. The class gave me jelly legs after but it felt refreshing and relaxing. It also killed my fatigue, albeit temporarily. But my right foot is still slightly weak.

Ever since I injured my foot scaling the treacherous steps of Angkor Wat, it has never really recovered. Walking in the wrong pair of shoes would send a sharp twinge down my foot and I always make sure that I land really softly during Bodycombat to avoid aggravating it. This really sucks because I have stopped running altogether, ever since the marathon. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that my right foot is slightly tinier than my left and while shoes fit the left side nicely, there is always space in the right. Perhaps this caused the right foot to work harder which led to my problems.

And then (yes, there is more), I got pissed when a nicely crafted and wordy text message that I sent out was met with a terse reply of, say, five words. Talk about abrupt. Should just save my money and effort by not bothering in future.

I think I should go to bed now.

2 thoughts on “Poooooh”

  1. chin up babe!
    quick go buy some knick knacks tonight haha.

    but its true..a sucky taxi driver with no EQ can really break the start of your day man..


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