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Pigging out at Kippo

[Update] Last month, Popartgirl and I hatched a plan to swing by Kippo at Keppel Club to try out their sumptuous ala carte buffet. She had tried it once and was impressed enough to want to go back for a second time.

And so this was how, we spent our evening there with 12 others to celebrate the birthday of Trevor last Tuesday.

The food was pretty awesome at the price of $32+++. For that price, you could get a serving of shark’s fin soup (clear soup that was bursting with flavours) and Peking duck, as well as countless orders of other dishes such as chili crab (!!!) with fried man tou to soak up the chili gravy, Tom Yam prawns, scallops, squid and broccoli in XO sauce (abfab!), salmon sashimi (fresh, thick and succulent slices) among others.

There were some odd items such as steamed mince pigeon soup, which wasn’t very appealing to the palate, as well as disappointments such as the chawan mushi. But overall, the quality was rather high as can be expected from a restaurant which is part of the Tung Lok group of restaurants.

Service was rather good as well, with the staff prompt to change our dirty plates and quick to take orders. I must say that they maintained their composure rather well despite coming to our table to take our orders for the umpteenth time.

No photos of the food because I was busy pigging out. We stayed past 10, having arrived after 7, and left with bulging stomachs and a feeling of immense satisfaction. Mmmm! Other than the fact that you would definitely need a car to get to the club, it’s a place that I will visit again. Soon.

The dude and I

The dude and I

Midway through the meal

Check out the array of plates, bowls and cups that are strewn all over the table

Trevor is thrilled with one of his presents

Happy Trevor with a nice gift

More photos here

Keppel Club
Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918
T: 6273 3398

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