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Music meme from Hucks

Sorry my dear Kor, I totally forgot about the meme that you tagged me to do. Well, better late than never, I guess. Here goes:

1. A song by a Beatle:
Hey Jude
Unquestionably one of my favourite Beatles song. Yes, yes, I know the question asked for song by A Beatle but hey, I prefer my Beatles together yah?

2. A song featuring piano as the main instrument:
Beautiful Disaster, live acoustic version by Kelly Clarkson
I love this version, it’s so emotional and intimate.

3. A song with a man’s name in the title:
Mr Brightside by The Killers
Heh heh, since it’s got the word “mister” in the title, I think it qualifies as a man’s name. This is by far my favourite Killers song. Once this is pounding in my ears when I am plugged into the iPod at the gym, I become a racer on the treadmill. I used to run with The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, always telling myself I can only stop after the song, and then the next, and then the next. That was how I pushed myself.

4. A song with a woman’s name in the title:
Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls
Who didn’t like this song when it first came out? The perfect angsty, adolescent song.

5. A song about money:
Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani
Not exactly my favourite song, just rather catchy and infectious.

6. A song with weather in the title:
NYC Weather Report by Five For Fighting
One of my favourite band singer. He’s just got this mellow and sad, puppy eye kind of voice that appeals to me.

7. A song with parentheses in the title (these are parentheses):
Superman (It’s not easy) by Five for Fighting
Yes, it’s another Five for Fighting song. Probably the first song to propel him to popularity.

8. A song made by a punk band:
Good Riddance (Time of your Life) by Green Day
Yes, another coming of age song, this is. I remember the guys in my JC choir going bollocks over this song. They would plant themselves in the choir room and then strum this on the aging guitar like the angsty teens that we all were. Heck, I remember this dude who was supposedly in like with me (he fell in like with almost all the girls in my year) sitting outside the room, looking all lost and depressed playing this song. But obviously, the cheap trick did not work in my books, haha!

9. A song with the word “song” in the title:
You and Me Song by the Wannadies
Ack! Ack! I heart this song so much, because I heart the movie that much. I remember blasting this song in nyrtap’s car and us singing our lungs out and bobbing our heads. I think the suspension of his car must have suffered badly.

10. A song you love so much you stop and listen whenever you hear it put it on repeat mode and never get sick of it:
100 Years by Five for Fighting
No doubt, this is THE song for me. Play count on my iTunes is currently 318 and that is not including the number of times this song played on my iPod. It’s been two years but I am still not tired of this wonderful song. Boy, I can definitely loop this all night.

Five people I tag (heh heh):
Mr Cynical-turned-miso-bitchy (cos he has like 20GB of songs, I don’t think he has listened to every single song in his library)
O2 (if he is still around and reading this!)
VK (you with the beng car!)
AKM (heeeeee….)

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