Silly things

Face recognition

I have been playing with this funny celebrity face recognition website and it has been giving me lots of weird matches! Of course, I am only going to showcase the gorgeous matches that the “system” threw up. Afterall, why would I want to trumpet to the whole world that I resemble Stephen Chow??!

Celebrity lookalike part 2

First, I look like Song Hae Gyo.

Celebrity lookalike part 4

Then I turned Caucasian and became Jessica Alba while the boyfriend…..well, his match was queer.

Celebrity lookalike part 5

I went back to being Asian while Popartgirl’s match was skinny fry Calista Flockhart. Ooh!

Celebrity lookalike part 3

Suddenly, Popartgirl and Squirt both resembled Tata Young!

But the most hilarious match was for this photo of Ash, Popartgirl and myself:

Celebrity lookalike part 1

Ash apparently resembled Jang Dong Gun!!! Popartgirl had no match while I became Kylie Minogue. No complaints though. Tee hee.

Go try it here. Crappy site does not support Safari for Macs though, you would need Firefox. Boo.