Two of Us

The weekend is never long enough

Before you know it, the weekend is over and we have to go back to work. Who was the bright idiot who decided that we should work five days and get to rest only two? That bastard.

Anyway, last Thursday was the boyfriend’s 32nd 25th birthday and we had a weekend celebration. He took half day leave on Friday and since I was on morning shift, it was pretty cool to spend time together for most part of the day.

The best part about going out is that we didn’t have an itinerary. We drove down to town, shopped, got bored and then the boyfriend said he wanted to go check out the Star Wars exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre.

Let’s just say that at a fairly exorbitant price of $18 per adult, the exhibition was crap. All you see are artwork, costumes and scale models. Compared to the LOTR exhibition, Star Wars felt like a hollow shell. There as nothing to gasp about. Blah. The only fun part was the Jedi Gym, where we strapped on head sets to play a game of ball using nothing but our brain waves. Sort of like unearthing our inner Force. Let’s just say that I would make a terrible Jedi, and would probably end up smashing rocks and boulders onto my compatriots instead of my enemies.

Star Wars M&Ms Star Wars exhibition Star Wars exhibition: Vader Star Wars

We drove over to the nearby International Business Park in the hopes of gorging ourselves silly at a Penang buffet restaurant but alas, there was a private function and we could only stand outside the restaurant and take in the lovely food smells. In the end, dinner was a sad affair at IMM Building. Given that we once celebrated our anniversary feasting on McChicken at the MacDonald’s restaurant in Kallang, it’s hardly surprising. Don’t ask me why we spent our anniversary there, neither of us can remember and the only thing we can recall about it is that we had a hilarious time.

After dinner, we had the Amazing find-a-petrol-station-before-we-get-stranded-on-the-expressway Race. We wandered around the unfamiliar Western territory, trying to find a Shell station but in vain. It was like “okay, traffic light in front. Left or right?”. Fun but scary. I had visions of us pushing the car while vehicles zoomed around us on PIE.

By the time we dragged our tired selves back to Hotel 1929, we were bedraggled and sleepy to the max. Oh yes, we got a room at the so-called funky hotel for a birthday treat but may I say that the place is over-rated and over-hyped. The room was tinier than my little Sengkang bedroom. At any one time, only one person may stand up because the bed probably took up 70% of the space, with the other 30% split between the tiny bathroom and a dressing table. The windows could not be shut tightly and the traffic noises downstairs nearly drove us mad. Boo.

Check out video of room here

The boyfriend was asleep before I knew it (I had on a facial mask and was watching TV) and when we woke up, we got fairly excited at the thought of eating at Ember restaurant. Double boo. I only had cereal and a slice of toast. Boo boo boo. We ended up going to Maxwell market for seconds.

“!(imgleft)!(Breakfast @ Ember)”: Breakfast at Maxwell

But I guess, despite the crappy hotel and the crappy gifts (I made some tee-shirts for him but burnt them in the process), we did enjoy ourselves. It’s never really about what we do but who we are with, isn’t it?

“!(imgcenter)!(We is happy lovey couple)”: