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Muddle-headed fool

I lost my ring and I am now feeling really, really low.

The ring has been my constant companion for more than six years. I received this ring, a slip of white gold with the tiniest diamond in the middle, after I had accidentally flushed the previous one down the toilet bowl. Since then, I try to take good care of it, being sure to remove it whenever I shower or know I will get my hands dirty.

I have this habit of playing with it when I am nervous or upset, it’s a comforting act. I like twirling it around the middle finger of my left hand. I wear it almost all the time, such that there is a slight depression on my flesh where it always lies.

But I lost it today, because I was tired and wasn’t focusing.

I took it off at the dressing table in the gym today. Normally, I would remember to put it back but somehow today, after just five hours of sleep from a marathon of afternoon-morning shifts, it totally slipped my mind. By the time I remembered and rushed back into the elevator, it was gone.

Ironically, I had been playing with it at work today, thinking about how shift work would change the dynamics of my relationship with the boyfriend today and feeling glad that I had my ring, and in turn his presence, with me.

But I lost it today. And I can’t believe I did that.

6 thoughts on “Muddle-headed fool”

  1. sorry to hear you lost your ring. did you call the gym to ask if anyone returned it? i ‘lost’ my ring at the gym 2 weeks ago too. i called the gym, and apparently people do return stuff.


  2. That really, really sucks. i lost my white-gold ring with a row of diamonds at the Incheon airport lounge toilet last year too, together with a Swarovski crystal ring. The diamond ring was my mom’s and was the prettiest thing i ever wore :(( Since then, i’ve totally given up on wearing any more expensive rings… it’s just too painful.


  3. Thanks all.
    But ring is gone, the gym called to say they don’t have it.
    Yeah it’s damn painful, I keep fiddling with my finger only to realise that the ring is gone.


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