The food trail

Warning: Image intensive posting

Despite what my size might suggest, I am a foodie. I love food and one of my favourite pastimes is actually to go around and try out new eats, the cheaper the better. For the past few weeks, we have been poking our noses at different places on the sunny island, accumulating in this long-delayed posting of nothing but food, food food!

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Da Paolo
The week before the dude’s birthday, we decided to finally go try the famous Da Paolo restaurant at Chip Bee Garden. I love Italian pasta and have so far managed to avoid cheap knockoffs such as Pastamania scrupulously because their offerings just do not satisfy the palate. Besides Prego, which is only mediocre, we have not really been on the hunt for Italian treats.

I have to say, the food at Da Paolo is really good. I had the Marinara spaghetti, which came wrapped in paper. Once unfolded, the delicious smells wafted into the air. I love my pasta wet and sloppy, though not drowning in, with sauce and the Da Paolo dish was just nice. The ingredients were fresh and the servings generous and the flavours were fragrant though not overwhelming. At about $20, it was cheaper than Prego and we have decided never to patronize Prego again should the hungry Italian monster in us surfaces. Unless, of course, Prego decides to run its one-for-one promotion. Which makes it a different story altogether.

No pictures here because the warm, yellow lights made for good ambience but bad photography.

Yong Tau Foo

“!(img)!(Crowded place)”: “!(img)!(Our food)”: “!(img)!(My cute boyfriend)”:

We popped over to this yong tau foo eatery next to Siglap Centre one hot Saturday afternoon to silence the growlers in our tummies. It was pretty crowded, we were rushed for time and the service was a tad slow. Lucky that the auntie who served us was polite and friendly then.

Basically, this place works like a normal yong tau foo shop, except they fry everything that you pick out and the food is accompanied by a bowl of beehoon in dark sauce and minced meat. It was pretty good, although we couldn’t see what the hype was all about. Bill came up to about $8.50 for two and we were hungry again barely two hours later.

On a side note, doesn’t the dude look cute in that last picture? A tad fat, yes, but cute nonetheless. Fats can be lost, we are going to the gym together tonight.

Cream Bistro

“!(img)!(Breaded fried mushrooms)”: “!(img)!(Seafood spaghetti goreng)”: “!(img)!(Mixed grill)”:

The dude had a one-for-one voucher and so we found ourselves at this nook of a place located at the ground floor of Pacific Plaza on a Friday evening. Thankfully, he had made reservations for the place was bustling with activity. Tables were located close to one another and there were times when we could hear what our neighbours were saying. Heh.

For appetizer, we had the breaded fried mushrooms. It looked rather shrivelled and dry when it arrived but was surprisingly tasty and juicy. Highly recommended.

He had the fusion seafood spaghetti goreng, which was basically seafood spaghetti fried like your favourite mee goreng. It was spicy and tangy, but also a tad too salty for my liking. But the unique mixture grows on you after a few bites.

I had the mixed grill, which consisted of beef, chicken, unagi and baby squid on skewers, served with potato croquette and salad. Although it looks and sounds like a tiny serving, it was a rather filling and delicious meal, although the beef was a little too tough and the chicken, too dry.

Total meal came up to $30 with the voucher and while pleasant enough, neither the food nor the place would entice us back for a second visit.

Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe

“!(img)!(Interior)”: “!(img)!(The spread)”: “!(img)!(Cosy seats)”:

The dude picked me up from work on Sunday afternoon and we popped into Xin Wang, a new Hong Kong cafe that had opened at Heartland Mall, next to Kovan MRT station (that’s the North-east line for the blur blobs), for a quick bite before I headed home for tuition.

Xin Wang offers quite an interesting menu, ranging from Hong Kong staples like dim sum and bo luo bao, to Western fare like steak and pork chop.

We had some dim sum, a bo luo bao and a borscht soup, which turned out to be chunky minestrone and was surprisingly nice. Dim sum was odd, the ingredients didn’t taste fresh and the bao was just a nice sweet bun filled with chunks of pineapple slices and butter.

Nothing to crow about but a nice place to hang out at, especially during the weekends where it opens 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “The food trail”

  1. it seems you didn’t really like most of the places you mentioned, hehe.

    xin wang sucks! the service is non-existent, bah (n)


  2. i agree with hucks. there was once i queued outside the place on a warm sunday afternoon, and was rudely told that i was blocking the entrance and told to move aside!

    i never made it to the table. went for cold storage snacks instead. =)


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