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I have decided: I shall be a pint-sized dynamo!

After a long day in the office, I am itching for some activity. Methinks a long run down East Coast Park is in order. It’s time to get the engines oiled and working smoothly, and prepare for a good jog.

First, I need to get new running shoes and a pair of insoles fitted.

The organised chaos

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day

Oh, how I love Fridays!

Not only it brings the working week to an end, it also promises a whole bunch of upcoming and fun activities.

Karaoke with the colleagues, the end of my nine-day work week slash ordeal, drinks with the pals at One Rochester (hopefully), spending time with my beloved fat cute boyfriend, going to the gym, hanging out with choir buddies, going to Wet Wet Wild for the first time on Sunday.

Exciting, no?

Speaking of dancing, I wish I could dance but sadly, I am cursed with two left feet. Couple that with my gangly and all-limbs-but-no-meat frame, I look like a preying mantis on the loose. Very depressing.

But at least I can swim. Hah.

Geek Girl, Health Goddess

Nike+iPod Sport Kit


So the boyfriend woke me up this morning blabbering something about Nike and iPod.

It’s time to buy the iPod nano! Now it can sync with your Nike shoes and tell you how many steps you take and all that. So cool!

Or something like that (exclamations all his).

From the press release: “With the Nike+ footwear connected to iPod nano through the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, information on time, distance, calories burned and pace is stored on iPod and displayed on the screen; real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to iPod. A new Nike Sport Music section on the iTunes Music Store and a new personal service site help maximize the Nike+iPod experience.”

Two of my favourite brands joining hands to produce something as kickass as this, there really is no reason for me not to start running. And maybe it is time for us to adopt an iPod nano. Soon.

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit is expected to be available within 60 days for a suggested retail price of US$29. Everybody say ayyye! Let’s hope this thing reaches us before the Shape Run.


Me likey!

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The organised chaos, Two of Us


If anybody asks me if I were getting married soon (like soon) one more time, I think I will scream and then simultaneously explode, hereby shattering the other party into tiny little pieces.

Surely, I jest.

Wedding dinners are the bane of every person in the world except the married couple. Hopefully. I attended my paternal cousin’s funky buffet dinner and was besieged by a mob of concerned aunties and uncles. For the entire duration of my dinner, a steady stream of relatives plopped themselves into the seat across me, left empty because of my sister’s absence, and held conversations that sounded suspiciously similar.

Sixth Uncle: (getting into the seat across me) So, I hear you are getting married.
Me: Why is it that I do not know I am getting married and you do?

Sixth Aunt: (getting into the seat across me) Hey, I hear that it’s your turn next!
Me: No, since when?

Seventh Uncle: (getting into the seat across me) You know, I was the officiator for the solemnisation of this cousin, and this cousin and that cousin. Why, I will be presiding over my own son’s wedding next month. And, I hear, the next one is you.
Me: If you want to wait a few more years, sure.

Second Aunt: (getting into the seat across me) What, are you getting married?
Me: Probably when I strike the lottery.

Seventh Aunt: (getting into the seat across me) Don’t congratulate me, I should be congratulating you. I hear you are getting married!
Me: ………

At the end of the evening, I still had no idea who the source of the rumours is. I have a feeling she is sleeping in the room next to mine.

And then while arranging for a drinks sesh for Friday, I texted a friend to tell him I am interested in checking out One Rochester. He asked me why, and I replied that I have wanting to go there for a while. And his answer?

“Oh, I thought you wanted to check it out for wedding plans.”


Health Goddess

No more procrastinating!

I just had a phone conversation with a very nice lady about my “sporting pursuits”. The lady had asked if I were a sporty person and I laughed and said I was more of a gym rat, although I do enjoy outdoorsy activities such as blading and jogging.

But the truth is, it’s been a while since I had gone out for a good jog around East Coast Park. Trevor and I had made plans previously but we always ended up cancelling on each other because of unexpected events. Working weekends also meant I couldn’t continue my blading lessons with the boyfriend.

There are really so many things that I want to try out but never could push myself to. Wakeboarding, rock-climbing, snorkeling, diving, hiking….they are always at the back of my mind but due to lack of willpower and a fellowship of interested parties, I shoved them to a dusty corner and resumed my normal, comfort zone activities.

That is bad. Bad bad bad.

I hereby resolve to be a more active person and partake in more outdoor activities (while covered from top to toe in SPF15 sunblock, of course). Now that I don’t have to work through the weekends, and the choir practices will cease in August, I plan to make full use of them. Instead of just jostling with sweaty bodies in town, I will jostle with sweaty bodies at the beach. Instead of working my muscles carrying shopping bags, I will work my muscles doing healthy activities.

Gotta push the mind to its limits. If I can run through the longest hour of my life, if I can climb the treacherous steps of Angkor Wat temples, if I can prepare myself for the hike up Huang Shan in July, I can do anything. Really.

Let’s move out of that comfort zone and try something new and different for once.

(Note to self: Send in Shape Run form!)

Geek Girl

Buy me, says the new Macbook

In the manner of the EFB, iWant!!!


It comes with Intel Core Duo, Apple Remote for Front Row, Firewire connectivity (I am an Apple faithful) and built-in iSight. Wow. iLike very much. It would look very nice next to my iMac. Next Christmas present (hint hint)?

In other news, Creative Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming the latter’s iPod has infringed on Creative’s patent rights. Gee. If only they would apply their brains to creating new products rather than drain their money on going head on against Apple. Sure, they might get a whole lot of money in damages but no discerning consumer is going to stop and say, “Gee, Apple is infringing on Creative’s patent so let’s buy a Creative instead!”.

As this BusinessWeek article states rightly: “The lawsuit smacks of desperation — but it may be about the only thing that could save Creative’s MP3 player business now.”

Get a grip, Creative.

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Health Goddess

Feet woes

Remember those ankle pains I used to get whenever I ran? Got my feet checked at a shop which specialises in orthopedic shoes and it was confirmed that I suffer from high arches in my feet, especially so in my right foot.

The definition of the high arch:

High arch is the opposite of flat feet. Highly arched feet are much less common than flat feet and more likely to be associated with an abnormal orthopedic or neurological condition. Neuromuscular diseases that cause changes in muscle tone may be associated with the development of high arches.

Unlike flat feet, highly arched feet tend to be painful because more stress is placed on the section of the foot between the ankle and the toes (metatarsals). Highly arched feet generally make it difficult to fit shoes. In addition, pes cavus generally requires foot support, and may cause significant disability.


Apparently, the symptoms include “foot length may be shortened because much of it is taken up in the arch (explains the shortness of my right foot), difficulty in fitting shoes and foot pain associated with walking, standing and running“. Ah hah!

Okay, time to pay The Running Lab a visit to get some insoles fitted into my shoes. Only problem is, their smallest size is a women’s 6 and I am a women’s 4. Well, we’ll see. Once we get those insoles fitted out, it’s time to prepare for this and this.

Toying with the idea of buying an iPod shuffle or nano to be my running mate. Oh, the vanity of it all.

Looking forward to a good run, Popartgirl and Cat!

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Photography, The organised chaos

Absolutely nothing

It’s been noted by members of the opposite sex that when a female utters the word “nothing”, she doesn’t mean it at all and there is something stirring in her mind.

Not this female though.
There is absolutely nothing to write about.
I fell sick last week, am in the midst of recovering, went out with the boyfriend who threatened offered to send me home when I started coughing away as tears ran down my cheeks, Liverpool won the FA Cup (undeservedly, I might add, boooooo!) and I am working the afternoon shift for the rest of the week.

See, that bores even me zzzzzzzz.

I have decided to let pictures of myself imposing on others in similar fashion take over this post then. Tah tah!

Me and Trevor

How lovely to have a friend who has a 2.0 megapixel camera-phone and who lets you have access to it!

The imp and I

With my five-year-old nephew, who is my favouritest kid in the world. Gawd, is he cute!

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