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Helping the economy out

“!(imgcenter)!(The loot)”:

Living up to the title of Little Miss Shoppaholica is rather tough, especially when I need to save up for my overseas trips and driving lessons. But sometimes, you just gotta get what you gotta get.

Bright pink Havaiana slippers with an obnoxious ribbon bow and heart-shaped clasp with crystals. Very loud and very attention-grabbing. Oh, and super darn comfy too. I feel like I am bouncing in my steps.

Lavender Nike Fitness Dance tote. Similar to photo but of a lighter purple shade. I ogled it for more than a month before parting with my money. It looks ordinary from the outside but once you unzip it, a sexy interior of dark wine satin greets you. It’s amazingly utilitarian too, going all skinny and flat when you don’t need the space and opening up to a spacious base when you need to throw your sneakers in them after gym.

Going waisted seems to be the craze now and I just had to have this red patent belt from Mango. Check out the cute little paper bag it came in – printed like a handbag and handily tiny.

Papillio Madrid that is oh so whimsical. A friend of mine is ordering online and I decided to join her. It’s hell of a lot cheaper than buying in Singapore. I love Papillios, the designs are always so fanciful and unique. And they are darn comfy too.

Obnoxious pink polka-dot bikini. Right. Why do I need another bikini (it’s my fourth)?? I don’t know. Shopping defies logic. Who knew the John Little warehouse sale could yield such gem?

Ahh…..if there is one thing I did not buy, it’s the pink tulip camouflage mini skirt. It’s utterly useless although it’s so kawaii.

The good news is, the money from the Progress Package is now safely hidden in a savings account that has no ATM facilities linked to it. Phew.


In other news, the cousin splashed out $1,410 on a Tods New Girelli East/West Bag in red leather. While we were in the boutique at Paragon, there was a young man with a little girl around the age of 3 trying on Tods junior leather shoes. A discreet inquiry with the sales lady revealed that the shoes which the tyke was agonising over (red? black? white?) cost a cool $350. Woah. And it took me a month to finally take the plunge on a $100 Nike bag.

6 thoughts on “Helping the economy out”

  1. ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! you bought the nike bag that i’ve been ogling at and agonising over the last month!!! everytime i pass by the taka store and the one at bugis, i let out a little sigh, considering “should i?”, then dejectedly walk on….


  2. what loud slippers…and i was gonna buy a red patent belt from MNG too!!! wonder if it’s the same as yours…was thinking of matching it with a pair of red patent shoes i’m eyeing, but like overkill, haha. But haven’t splashed out the money yet…maybe this weekend or next week. Was looking for a white halter top but it eluded me the whole of Monday…sad…


  3. Cat – hee yah I know what you mean! I would go into every Nike shop I see to check if my bag is still around, but I was reluctant to spend $100 on it. Luckily I had a 20% discount voucher. There is a sports shop in Marina Square, near the cinema, which is selling it for slightly cheaper price though.

    popartgirl – hello red patent belt and shoes definitely overkill hee. ask you to shop with us on monday, u don’t want tsk.


  4. why never get the pink mini skirty? am sure it wld look nice!
    Colours! For the first time in my life, I am learning to appreciate REAL colors, thanks to the nippon jin. now i have all sorts of colors which wld have been labelled tacky or trampy in SG. fuschia pink, turquoise, mustard yellow, me wants more!


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