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We go to the zoo!

The zoo, the zoo, it’s off to the zoo we go!

I don’t know where that came from but it’s been ringing in my head ever since we decided to go off for a jaunt at the Night Safari on Sunday evening. Seeing how both of us don’t have to work on Monday, the boyfriend decided to take me to the nocturnal zoo for some education as poor ‘ol me have never stepped foot into the Mandai compound before.

“!(imgleft)!(We go to the zoo!)”:

Boy, was it surprisingly fun!

The weather was brilliant. Having poured hours before, the air was cool and breezy. The skies cleared just in time so we had a nice blanket of stars above us.

Being lazy buggers, and given how sleepy I was (’twas the last day of my five-day morning shift week), we bought the $28 tram tickets. After exploring the place on both our arses and feet, we caught the Creatures of the Night show. It made me feel like I was 10 again and visiting the zoo for the first time. The animals were adorable and clever. Case in point: they had cute little otters picking out rubbish for recycling! And when you see the little things scampering around the compound, your cynical city heart would melt in an instant.

Speaking of otters, they have to be one of the cutest animals in the world. When we walked over to their ‘home’, a few of them were swimming around looking like brown lightning bolts. Others were just standing up on their hind legs with their grubby little paws in front of them, chirping incessantly (or whatever sound it is that they make) at the visitors. It looked as if they were whining away at us, all eight or ten of them, and it was just so hilarious.

But my favourite animal has to be the serval cat. Before we went into the zoo, there was an animal photography session for $10 (the money goes to Wildlife Conservation Fund). The serval was one of the animal models and when I saw it, I fell in love instantly. The boyfriend saw how enamoured I was of the serval and bought us a photo opp. She was truly a beauty. Her coat was sleek and smooth and she glanced disdainfully at me for a few seconds before turning her head away from me to face the camera. A pro, she is.

After the show, we bought a three-scoop cone of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, which was sinfully delish. I can’t say the same of the rest of the F&B situation at the Night Safari though. The dinner we had, some lamb burger at some cowboy joint, was expensive, cold and horrid. And each bottle of mineral water sold at the Ben and Jerry counter costs $2.50, while a bottle of Coke was $4.50. Go do the math, those nasty people are milking the tourists dry.

Later on, we detoured to The Prata Place. We had chanced upon it by accident and decided to try it out since it’s hardly likely that we would ever end up at the area again. The prata was nice and crispy though the mutton curry we had was a tad too salty.

Who would have ever thought that the zoo would be so much fun (given how boring Science Centre was)? I felt like I was a kid again, in awe of these animals and their beauty. Plus, I had great company, the boyfriend made me laugh so much. I heart my boyfriend. Yes, mushy and nauseatingly lovey-dovey, I know.

We shall conquer the Singapore Zoo next. Yippee!

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3 thoughts on “We go to the zoo!”

  1. ooh… i love the fragile forest at the zoo. u get to touch and pet a number of the animals there as u wander around. also fascinated by those baboons with the red butts. and the meerkats and the panut-begging raccoons are a hoot! and erm… the soft-toy shop, of cos.


  2. the night safari is a great place for dates!
    did u get the package offer? cheaper if u get safari, zoo and bird park tix together


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