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Get a Mac


The new Switch Get a Mac ads are hilarious.
Very cleverly done, I must say, and this is without any bias.

The creative people behind the ads have their tongues firmly in their cheeks as they seek to play up the stereotypes and well-known concepts of peecees and Macs.

You get a stuffy, suited-up, pudgy, bespectacled geek (oh wait, that sounds like someone I know) who is a Peecee. Standing next to him is a casual and cool dude who is, surprise surprise, a Mac. Peecee and Mac are friends and they get alone very well. For example, they can talk to each other and even share applications. But clearly, Mac is of a higher calibre than peecee. For one, Mac is able to flirt with the Japanese digital camera chick that just joined their network because he spoke her language while Peecee could only stutter and spurt out French babble. Score one for Mac. And while the Mac has funky and user-friendly stuff like iMovie, iPhoto and iWeb, the poor Peecee could only offer calculator….and clock. Boringggg!

One of my favourite ads in the series, WSJ, had this cute conversation going on:

Peecee: (in retaliation to the glowing Walt Mossberg-Wall Street Journal review that Mac had received) I actually got a great review too this morning.

Mac: Oh good for you.

Peecee: And they said I was awesome and so we’re the same.

Mac: Oh so where was that in?

Peecee: The erm awesome….awesome computer review…weekly…journal.

If these ads still don’t tickle your funny bone, then there is only one other person who can. Ellen Feiss.