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Absolutely nothing

It’s been noted by members of the opposite sex that when a female utters the word “nothing”, she doesn’t mean it at all and there is something stirring in her mind.

Not this female though.
There is absolutely nothing to write about.
I fell sick last week, am in the midst of recovering, went out with the boyfriend who threatened offered to send me home when I started coughing away as tears ran down my cheeks, Liverpool won the FA Cup (undeservedly, I might add, boooooo!) and I am working the afternoon shift for the rest of the week.

See, that bores even me zzzzzzzz.

I have decided to let pictures of myself imposing on others in similar fashion take over this post then. Tah tah!

Me and Trevor

How lovely to have a friend who has a 2.0 megapixel camera-phone and who lets you have access to it!

The imp and I

With my five-year-old nephew, who is my favouritest kid in the world. Gawd, is he cute!

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