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Buy me, says the new Macbook

In the manner of the EFB, iWant!!!


It comes with Intel Core Duo, Apple Remote for Front Row, Firewire connectivity (I am an Apple faithful) and built-in iSight. Wow. iLike very much. It would look very nice next to my iMac. Next Christmas present (hint hint)?

In other news, Creative Technology has filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming the latter’s iPod has infringed on Creative’s patent rights. Gee. If only they would apply their brains to creating new products rather than drain their money on going head on against Apple. Sure, they might get a whole lot of money in damages but no discerning consumer is going to stop and say, “Gee, Apple is infringing on Creative’s patent so let’s buy a Creative instead!”.

As this BusinessWeek article states rightly: “The lawsuit smacks of desperation — but it may be about the only thing that could save Creative’s MP3 player business now.”

Get a grip, Creative.

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