Health Goddess

No more procrastinating!

I just had a phone conversation with a very nice lady about my “sporting pursuits”. The lady had asked if I were a sporty person and I laughed and said I was more of a gym rat, although I do enjoy outdoorsy activities such as blading and jogging.

But the truth is, it’s been a while since I had gone out for a good jog around East Coast Park. Trevor and I had made plans previously but we always ended up cancelling on each other because of unexpected events. Working weekends also meant I couldn’t continue my blading lessons with the boyfriend.

There are really so many things that I want to try out but never could push myself to. Wakeboarding, rock-climbing, snorkeling, diving, hiking….they are always at the back of my mind but due to lack of willpower and a fellowship of interested parties, I shoved them to a dusty corner and resumed my normal, comfort zone activities.

That is bad. Bad bad bad.

I hereby resolve to be a more active person and partake in more outdoor activities (while covered from top to toe in SPF15 sunblock, of course). Now that I don’t have to work through the weekends, and the choir practices will cease in August, I plan to make full use of them. Instead of just jostling with sweaty bodies in town, I will jostle with sweaty bodies at the beach. Instead of working my muscles carrying shopping bags, I will work my muscles doing healthy activities.

Gotta push the mind to its limits. If I can run through the longest hour of my life, if I can climb the treacherous steps of Angkor Wat temples, if I can prepare myself for the hike up Huang Shan in July, I can do anything. Really.

Let’s move out of that comfort zone and try something new and different for once.

(Note to self: Send in Shape Run form!)