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Robert Doisneau and that kiss


Who could ever forget Robert Doisneau’s famous photo of a couple kissing in the streets of Paris, nonchalantly ignoring the steady stream of people milling around them?

It’s inspired many couples to try and capture the same moment, and been replicated in movies over and over again. But why the fascination with a photo that has been declared to be a posed, rather than the previously-thought spontaneous, moment?

Maybe it’s the romantic idealism in us. We all want to be believe that our love is passionate and that we can be just like that couple caught in that moment, transcending time and cultures, and lasting a long, long time.

Anway, catch that print at the A L’Imparfait de l’Objectif by Robert Doisneau exhibition that is happening at the Alliance Francaise, and also the Early works by Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition held at The Arts House this month. Cartier-Bresson is widely considered as the father of photojournalism and has inspired many a famous photographer.

More details can be found here.

1 thought on “Robert Doisneau and that kiss”

  1. oh my goodness!! i was JUST thinking about this picture today!! i was at a junction with an old signpost, thought of the lamp-post in the picture, and for the life of me couldn’t remember the photographer’s name. thank you for this timely post!


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