Little Miss Shopaholic

Topshop vintage-style shoes


I really love the shoes from Topshop this current season.

Fashionable, ladylike, cute, whimsical, versatile, colourful – they are all calling out my name. Loudly. The sad thing is, Topshop shoes are not meant for petite girls like me who have small shoe sizes (UK2.5, Euro 35) so the only thing I can do is to look longingly and mournfully at them each and every time I step into the store.

I must say, I am really impressed with Topshop this season. They have a wide range of rather trendy vintage-style outfits which are relatively inexpensive, when compared to the real vintage wear. Plus, they also have stuff which are for the budget-minded (ie. moi) which are well-made threads that are none too shabby.

Right now, there is a sale going on at Topshop in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale so be sure to grab some of these lovelies while you are there!

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