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The Real Run


Now that our grand plans for the Shape Run has fallen through and we were rejected by the organisers (too many runners, safety reasons yada yada), Popartgirl is suggesting that we go for the New Balance Real Run instead.

Now, Popartgirl is a runner. She enjoys pounding on the treadmill and monitoring her heartrate and stuff like that. I’m not quite that sort of person. I like running outdoors but lack the will to do so after work or on weekends. It takes only 15 minutes for me to get bored of running on the treadmill. So I am not quite the runner as she is.

Okay, my point is, I am scared of trying out for the Real Run. Terrified. Running 10km on flat land is one thing, running 10km on sand and trail is another. It’s probably going to end up being the longest hour(s) of my life, all over again. Plus, there will be all these men and hardcore competitors out there whizzing past me and making me feel all tiny and insignificant.

But I feel like going for it, just for the heck of it. Just so I can say, I did this. Even if I was miserable throughout half the race. Afterall, memories are always sweeter than the experience itself.

Should I?

5 thoughts on “The Real Run”

  1. omg you really are starting to sound icky. did you see her recent post, contemplating eco-races?

    so brave… go for it lah. i’m sure you can do it!


  2. erm i did that last year and i told myself i’ll never out myself thru it again.
    it’s H.A.R.D
    the sand bit really killed me. First time I stopped during a race..
    but ya, u shd go for the experience!


  3. Cat – eeps I no icky! I didn’t see her post. Damn. It’s time I start taking tonnes of pictures of myself and post them up.

    topo – if you say it’s hard, then it’s sure going to kill me. Hmm, shall think again.


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