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Pump it up!

So as I sit here in front of the computer, trying my best to keep my eyelids from closing, I marvel at the fact that my body is perfectly free from aches and pains. I sit without wincing, walk without wincing and laugh without wincing.

And this is after spending two hours at the gym, the first in Bodybalance class and the second in Bodypump.

Balance was my subsitute for yoga, now that I can’t make it for my favourite afternoon class at Paragon. It felt good to be stretching my stressed up limbs although I couldn’t help but wish I was at yoga instead. Balance is too mild somehow while yoga can be pleasantly torturous. Midway through an asana, I would wonder if I was crazy and yet after that, my body would feel happy, relaxed and warm all over. Bliss.

After that was another hour of pushing the body’s boundaries – Bodypump. The sista, who took the class, is mad. That pint-sized woman’s bar was stacked with BIG weights. And even though I was basically wussing it out, my arm and leg muscles were protesting madly (those lunges can kill). My non-existent triceps are now starting to make guest appearances and I hold out hope that they can be permanent dwellers one day.

I’m quite proud of myself, actually. This year alone, I have tried many different classes by myself and am still sticking with them. Next up would be the Nike Rockstar Workout.

The new Bollywood dance coming up sounds fun but I wonder if I dare to try it, as uncoordinated and klutzy as I am. Hmm.


I heart these Nikewomen ads!

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