And the Squirt becomes a missus

Oddly enough, out of the three of us crazies, the Squirt is going to be the first to walk down the aisle with her (s)Melly!

Last week, she couldn’t contain her delight as she buzzed me over MSN to share the news, as well as a barrage of information about what she wants her gown to be like, what Mel would be wearing, where they would be staying after the wedding and where the dinner would be held. She also commanded me and Popartgirl to be part-time wedding planners.

Tsk tsk, such a tyrannical squirt.

Anyway, in celebration of her upcoming nuptials, here is a trip down memory lane of our lives during those sordid university years. Without the two of them, my life would have been miserable. They were there for me when I cried and shared all those silly moments with me.

I love you two! *sniffs *

Three Mad Piggies

7 thoughts on “And the Squirt becomes a missus”

  1. Hi Liyann!
    I don’t think you don’t even know i read your blog =)I just recently found out about your blog from reading dawn yin’s. How have you been?
    Anyway, I had to respond to this because I couldn’t think of another avenue to get through to congratulating dottie! wow….


  2. Yoohoo Ruoxi! Heh, hotshot [insert occupation] living in the Big Apple, how have you been?

    Hee, I will pass on your message to Dotz when I next see her!


  3. Hey! how did you know i am living in ny? I’ve been well, except that slumming in the city isn’t half as glamorous as it should be.. damn…
    how have you been? I really enjoy reading what you write btw…
    Thanks for passing the message along =)


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