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Coldplay Twisted Logic concert


Many, many moons after Coldplay visited our hot and sunny shores together with Travis, they finally came back again to give an awesome, unbelievable and fantabulous concert.

As they dished out hit after hit, the crowds were lapping it up like camels drinking on a hot day. Okay, bad analogy but you get the drift.

Chris Martin has definitely evolved into a consummate performer, as compared to his previous outing. Then, he was mostly seated behind his piano and mumbling to himself, not unlike how Jay Chou used to be. Last night, he was full of energy, jumping like a crazed monkey on the stage and stumbling around like a drunkard.

He said little, other than the occasion “how are you guys?”, and the rest of the band said little. But it did not matter. Their chemistry was tight, the show flowed smoothly and with no hiccups and the band complemented Martin’s falsetto voice perfectly.

When he burst into perennial favourite “Yellow”, the crowd went mad and it was just amazing seeing all the hands and heads bobbing up and down in exuberance. And all of a sudden, huge balloons floated down and the crowd went crazy. It was such a surreal moment and we were all lost in the heat of it.

There were no pyrotechnics, no lush sets and no gorgeous costume changes, just four lads from England jamming in front of a full house. It felt intimate and cosy, almost as if we were just sitting across them in a pub and not in some nosebleed inducing seats at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The strobe lights and laser displays more than made up for the sparse set.

An hour after they burst onto the screen, Martin said his thanks and goodbyes, leaving behind an arena full of disappointed and disbelieving fans. Thankfully, after much clapping, cheering and chanting, they jumped back onto the stage again and launched into “In My Place”.

As they played, my heart sank further and further, wondering if they would ever play the song that had touched me ever since I first heard it on The O.C a year ago. And they did not disappoint. Martin sat at the grand piano and sang “Fix You” with his heart and soul as the stadium erupted into cheers and sang along.

I stood there, singing out loud with tears in my eyes, with everything that I had ever associated with that song floating in my mind. And then the concert was over and we were left with beautiful memories of Coldplay’s brilliant performance.

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

More photos here.

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