Health Goddess, Little Miss Shopaholic

Sporty shopaholic

Gotta. Stop. Buying. Them. Ticky. Gym. Wear.

“!(img)!(Too pretty, too many)”:

I have enough to last me for a month and more.
That’s all the sporty gear I am going to buy for the rest of this year. And the next.

Anyway, since I wasn’t registered for the Shape Run, there’s always the Great Eastern Women 10K Run on October 29 to contemplate. Sounds like fun and it’s always nice to run with girls, with the dudes flinging pom-poms up in the air to cheer us on (let’s assume for a moment that they are willing to get up at 7.30am to support their girls). Then, there is the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon coming up on December 3.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through the whole freezing trauma of last year again but when the invite came through the mailbox challenging me to better my previous time, when I saw the Standard Chartered advertisement featuring the blind marathon runner and his running guide, I couldn’t contain the competitive streak in me. Hell, I am going to run again and if that’s not enough, I am going to be a better runner than before. Haiiiiyak!