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Almost famous

I’m pooped.

I actually went for three classes – Bodybalance, Bodypump and Bodycombat – in a row last night at One George Street. That’s 2.5 hours of exercise in one night. Sheer madness. And that’s despite the sniffles and inflamed throat I was nursing since morning.

But oddly enough, I am fine, there aren’t muscles screaming in pain except for a little twinge in my thighs (those bloody lunges with weights on your shoulders can kill) and said shoulders. I had decided to stop after 45 minutes of combat because it was just useless. I couldn’t really do the roundhouse or back kicks properly and my arms were just flailing aimlessly in the air. I stopped, listened to my body creak and whine, and went for a nice hot shower before heading home for a night of snug rest.

Trivial: I was actually one of few (or many, who knows?) girls who were shortlisted for an endorsement deal with a very famous sporting gear company. They had called me up early last month for a chat and said they would get back to me but they never did. Which is totally fine because I know I am not exactly the most prolific or popular blogger who writes about sports around town. Besides, I don’t generate comments and hits as the chosen one does, so no complaints there. But well, it sure doesn’t hurt my pride, whee.

There, my very short-lived brush with fame. And free gear (my greatest sorrow).

Anyway, I have decided that my Saturdays post-Chorale will be fun and sun-drenched. I aim to master blading by this year, and also to conquer my fear of cycling. It’s strange, I know, but ever since I plowed straight into a tree trunk while on four wheels when I was a wee kiddie, I have been fearful of cycling since. Straight lines are fine but I get jittery when turning and on slopes.


But hey, I have signed up for both the Great Eastern and Standard Chartered runs so I think I am a pint-sized dynamo still.

Who you calling wuss?

[Above post has been edited at request of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous]

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3 thoughts on “Almost famous”

  1. wah! you never tell me! so happening, i would have actually had a friend who’s an endorsement star! so who’s the eventual choice???


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