Health Goddess

To stretch a pretzel

I finally hit the gym after a three-week hiatus.

Over the weekend, my body had felt tensed and scrunched up and I was badly in need of a yoga session. But the change in my work schedule meant that I could no longer go for my favourite yoga classes on Monday and opted instead for Bodypump. Plus, I have been dying to try out Dr Kajal’s yoga class ever since the sista and A raved about him. Apparently, he is quite the guru and his classes have been drawing crowds. Pity then that his classes start too late for Cinderella me.

Thankfully, the strenuous walking that we did on Huangshan and in Hangzhou and Shanghai paid off and my fitness level has not gone down the drain yet. The two itsy bitsy lines down my front are still there, hurrah!

But strangely enough, what I am really craving for is some spot of sunshine and a dose of outdoor exertion. Blading by East Coast Park, going for a run down Bukit Timah (yes, Cat, we need to train), biking around Ubin or just chilling by the beach at Sentosa. Topping it off would ne a sumptious seafood meal of chili crab with fried man tou and an ice cold Hoegaarden. And perhaps a scoop of gelato.

How lovely is that?