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I finally took the courage to splash out significant dough for a good pair of running shoes today.

Being the sort who likes to look around to check out prices and designs, it took me a while before I finally picked out something that I liked and was within my budget. Initially, I was contemplating a pair of Nike Free for their lack of weight and good looks but after A advised me against doing any heavy duty running in them due to their lack of support around the ankles, I decided otherwise.

The nice boyfriend then took matters in his own hands, having gotten sick of my constant commenting that I would like a really nice pair of running shoes, and decided to drive us down to Queensway shopping centre, also known as the haven for sporting gear. Call it the Sim Lim Square for sports, if you will.

After going round in circles, looking at prices and sizes (most shops don’t stock my US 5, bloody sizists), I plonked my money down on a pair of Asics Gel-1110(D). The shoes were pretty light, had good support on the ankles, had cushioning under the soles and fitted well. Best of all, they were a lovely shade of purple. Purrrrfect!

I plonked down $126 for it and was happy because the original price was $169 and the boyfriend bargained it down for me. Yay to bargains!

Tomorrow is the litmus test and we shall see if they are worth every penny I spent.

Now that I have gotten proper insoles for my high arches (cost me a pretty $59 too), all I need is a nice running vest and a decent pair of shorts and then I will be all set for my first 10km run of the year!

*Of course, I had to get that pair of chili red Converse sneakers. Simply because they fitted, looked cheerily bright and were a steal at $29.90 (being kids shoes and all).

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