The organised chaos

Two sleepy people

Given that my life is rather like a peaceful lake now, just bobbing around and flowing smoothly, I haven’t really got much to be angsty or emo about. Well, that also means that my writing level has gone under because my best writing comes when I have issues to grapple with.

This contentment also means that sappy songs appeal to me most these days. I still love my Snow Patrol and The Killers, but listening to Five for Fighting’s 100 Years brings a tear to my eye and Silje Nergaard’s jazzy rendition of Two Sleepy People makes me smile, never mind that fellow with the bad body odour sitting next to me on the train.

Well, here we are
Just about the same
Foggy little fella
Drowsy little dame
Two sleepy people by dawn’s early light
And too much in love to say goodnight

It makes me think of love and weddings and lace gowns and swishing skirts and sparkling tiaras and white trimmings and lipsticked smiles and satin heels and first dances and shiny rings and burning candles and hanging lanterns and salty breezes and cupcake icing and dimmed lights and sparkling champagne and blooming lilies and laughing chatter and gentle kisses and interlaced fingers and longing glances and fleeting touches and warm pride and sweet relief and floating music and bubbling happiness and blushing cheeks and rubbing noses and delicious shivers and oh, the romance of it all.

Which, of course, doesn’t happen in real life.

Hence, we listen to music and chase after the imaginary in our heads.

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