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Amused at my youth

Dang, I never thought I would say this but I actually miss the partying, drinking and dancing at Zouk. I haven’t stepped foot in there for yonks, haven’t gone into the much lauded Ministry of Sound, haven’t been to the cool joints in town but the moment I stepped into the grand dame of Singapore’s night scene, the blood just started pounding and buzzing.

Maybe there is still some partying left in me yet. Or perhaps, I am just a late bloomer, finding excitement in things at 25 that my peers discovered half a decade ago.

Whatever it is, I had a great time tonight despite the horrendous crowd. We went there thinking we were going to shimmy to the beats of Groove Armada but ended up jiving at Velvet Underground instead. The company was hilarious and I was just happy that an old friend came with me because it felt nice to know that he’s looking after me while having fun at the same time (I hope!).

Okay, you-who-took-pictures, send me those pix so I can make you famous on my blog too. I may not be popular enough for Nike but hey, I have readership too, okay. Heh.

Time to hit the sack, it’s bloody 4am. Wonder if I can make it for blading tomorrow. Ah sod it, sleep is more important. I shall have to do a proper run on Sunday. This looks mighty tempting as a running companion. I’m in lust.

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