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Sunday, run day

Running, running Bone tired after only 50 minutes of running New shoes!

I finally got my arse out of the door for a nice run this evening.

My last outdoor run was…..last December, during the Singapore Marathon and since then, I have been holing myself up in the gym doing classes. Given that my first 10km run is coming up soon, I decided enough is enough, laced myself up in my Asics and took off for a run.

I hereby conclude that running is all in the mind. I set out thinking I was just going to take it easy and do a 30-minute jog but as I crossed the bridge over to Mount Doom (also known as Punggol), I decided not to be wussy and to just push myself as far as I can go.

So I ran….and ran. From my place over to Punggol and then back to my neighbourhood, did a coupla rounds around the makeshift track, pushed off to Punggol again, jogged back to my block before running down the path that runs along a short length of the expressway twice.

The new Asics worked like a charm and my feet did not protest at all during the entire run. And although it started raining 10 minutes into the run, it wasn’t enough to deter me.

When my tired legs finally screamed at me to stop once and for all, I looked at the time on my mobile and realised that it had been 50 minutes. Woot!

I don’t know what the distance was but I reckon it should be between 6 to 7 km since I was really running at a snail’s pace for most of the journey. Hopefully, I can push the timing to an hour next week. No more running on the dreadmill for me!

On another note, I wonder how others can look so good in photos after strenuous exercise. My hair is always messy, the face red and hot and I just look terrible. I need the magic formula.

Unfortunately, my day had to end by a ridiculous loss by Manchester United to Arsenal. Lehmann is as unpredictable as the weather – one moment you think he is going to just screw up and get sent off and then he goes and pulls off the best of saves to become the hero. How utterly annoying.

2.30am. Over and out.

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