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Things to look forward to

1. Bangkok in November
Now that there is a coup d’etat going on in Thailand, which equals to general unrest, I am hoping that the prices of air tickets will plummet. And as my colleague says, now is a good time to buy the baht since the currency has fallen due to uncertainty on the market.

In the meantime, I have been abstaining from shopping to save up for the heavenly markets of Bangkok. My travel mate is Bangkok-savvy and shares the same clothing taste as me and we just know that we will have a great time together.

2. Christmas in December
One of my favouritest festival in the world. Christmas means lots of shopping, booze and fun. I’ve also taken leave so that means I can enjoy it in peace without thinking of pictures, pictures and pictures.

3. Krabi in January
This is the birthday treat, also known as the free-because-he-lost-the-bet trip. I have been wanting to go Krabi since….a long, long time ago but because of clashes in work schedule, nobody has been able to go with me….till now. I will be ushering in my 26th year sitting on a deck chair and sipping strawberry margaritas and just chilling under the sun. Hurrah!

I’ve got my mind set on Krabi La Playa although technically, I am still on the lookout for a gorgeous but economical hotel.

Can’t wait for October to be over!

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