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Climbing that Yellow Mountain

“!(imgcenter)!(On the second highest peak)”:

You don’t know how much endurance you have until you climb up a mountain.

True, we did not literally climb it, it was more like hiking up, but it was still one of the most tiring experiences of my life. We did nothing but climb up steps and sandy terrain for hours and hours under the relentless summer sun, burning ourselves dark brown in the process. I was the Little Princess on the climb, stopping once in a while to apply sunblock liberally on my shoulders and arms.

Because Huangshan was our middle point between Xiamen and Hangzhou, we had to bring enough clothes and toiletries to last us through the climb and for the next few days that we were spending in Hangzhou. This meant heavy bags weighing us down on the climb up. Thankfully, I had the boys to help me with my baggage whenever I felt like collapsing on the hard steps and not moving till somebody dragged me away.

Of course, not all of us had the luxury that Sandy enjoyed – being carried up the mountain. The good woman paid porters to carry her up the mountain in a sedan made of wooden sticks and boy, were these men fabulous. They were literally bouncing up the steps with her weighing down their shoulders and we had to eat their dust. It was truly amazing.

But it was a great experience, as always, on hindsight. We saw the most gorgeous sights – giant clouds rolling past green-peaked mountains, the sun rising from beyond the horizon, endless miles of nothing but nature all around us. Every time we stopped to gasp for breath, we were taken aback by how beautiful the view was and were going “oooh” and “wah”.

Going down the mountain was such a pleasure, especially since it was cut short but a scenic route down via cable car.

I do miss my time in China, I really do. We thought of nothing but the present, focusing on how to maximize our enjoyment. Nobody thought of work or school or anything nasty as those.

“!(imgcenter)!(On the second highest peak)”:


“!(imgcenter)!(Power to the people)”:

More photos here and here

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