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A happy conundrum

“!(imgcenter)!(The SE Z610i taken using the Canon IXUS 900Ti)”:

The good thing about moonlighting as a tech writer is that a) I get to earn extra income b) I get to play with toys that I normally wouldn’t have the moolah to purchase. It makes me very happy in orgasmic techland, of course, but it creates a problem as well.

You see, I am running out of power sockets in my room.

Currently, I have the Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti, the Samsung Z400, the Sony Ericsson Z610i, the Apple 12-inch Powerbook and the LG810 in my possession. Add that on to my own Sony Ericsson K700i and my trusty Panasonic FZ10 and you can see why I have an overcrowding problem.

Plus, I am likely to obtain a Samsung Ultra phone in the coming weeks in exchange for blogging about it. Mmmmm.

Anyway, here is my take on the newly-reviewed gadgets in a nutshell:
Canon IXUS 900Ti – a very solid 10-megapixel camera that produces quality images. Its sleek looks don’t hurt either though I suspect its high price will.

Sony Ericsson Z610i – The external LCD is truly a work of art though its interior leaves less to be desired. The plastic feeling is not too great and its hefty bulk doesn’t help either. But as a 3G phone, it is probably the best looking in the market right now. Currently, I think the SE user interface is probably the best and easiest to use.

Samsung Z400 – Nice, decent 3G phone although it’s just too bland and boring to really make an impact. But nice features and good performance.

LG810Do not buy it under any circumstance. The user interface of the LG phone is not intuitive and during my review, the phone could not recognise the headset. It’s quite a joke given that the phone is touted as a MP3 player.

Health Goddess

I am woman, hear me roar

(Update: Official timing is 1:05:47.)

So, the great race has been run and oh what a run!

“!(imgcenter)!(race bib)”:

I have to say, I really enjoyed today’s Great Eastern Women 10K run more than last year’s Singapore Marathon. It’s much smaller and felt rather cosy. Plus, the attention the organisers paid to us was tremendous.

Once we finally push past the finish line, there were copious drinks plied onto us. In addition, there were servings of fruit for those who needed to replenish their body energy, as well as young ladies handing out wet wipes. There was even free massage to help beat those tightened muscles out of kink. The carnival vibe was really infectious and I had a great time.

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Health Goddess

Do you really wanna?

“!(imgleft)!(After running)”:


In about seven hours, I will be running my first full 10km for the year since Dec 5, 2005. Even though my two running partners have bailed out on me, I am determined to do this on my own. There’s a Tiger Balm plaster stuck on the arch of my right foot (that bloody arch has been hurting the entire week), the energy bars have been bought and safely packed into my bag, the number tag is neatly pinned on my cheery pink Nike top and the running playlist has been synced into the iPod. Franz Ferdinand, check. The Killers, check. Snow Patrol, check. Nada Surf, check. The Bravery, check.

Everything’s all set for that leisurely run.

All I have to do now is to wait for my hair to dry and then I can hit the sack.

Everything Else

The Prestige


Having turned into a fan of Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan after the hugely successful and intriguing Batman Begins, I was rather eager to sink into the depths of The Prestige. A story of rivalry, passion and deception, I was not disappointed by the latest offering from the Bale-Nolan partnership.

Beware of spoilers after the jump.

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Two of Us

The Martian band

Bridget Jones and her brigade of friends have this theory about men, that they are like Martian bands who need to stretch away in order to bounce right back at them.

In some ways however, I think I am like the Martian band in the relationship.

It’s odd and I think it could be because I am quite a complex creature. I don’t think the dude and I spend enough time together doing things other than watching television, catching movies, shopping and eating. But at the same time, I need to breathe and have my own space to do my own thing.

Take for example tonight. I was confused about some issues and hoped for a night out to just breathe and chill. In the end, it turned into dinner and drinks with a group of girlfriends and a colleague from London. It was truly liberating to sit and wonder aloud if the men looking at me are checking me or the other girls out, to gossip and complain about the weird men checking us out, to luxuriate in the company of people who talk with no holds barred, to soak in the thumping music and the booze, to relax and be just Me for that time and not Us.

But at the back of my mind, I never really forgot about the boyfriend. I would check my phone and feel happy to see missed calls and text messages from him because it meant I was never really far from his mind either, even though he was doing his own thing with his colleagues.

And at the end of the night, it felt good to go home into his arms and settle comfortably into couplehood again.

I still want to travel the world and see the sights, to go out and have girly exploits with my friends, to have a separate group of people whom I can spend time out with, to move forward in my career and do the things I want (and get paid well enough too).

But it wouldn’t be the same without having the boyfriend to tell these tales to when I go home.

Health Goddess

Feeble and frustrated

I have lost my stamina.

I have 10 bloody kilometres to run come October 29 and I don’t know how I am going to do it.

I missed my run last week because of driving lesson and family dinner and I have realised, to my utmost horror, that my 50-minute runs yielded pathetic distances, according to Streetdirectory. I am too embarrassed to even type out the numbers.

Today, I went for combat class and after 30 minutes, my lungs were burning. I had to stand there and gulp in some air with my mouth unglamorously wide open.

What is wrong with me?!

The other annoying thing is now that practices have resumed, I cannot attend Dr Kajal’s fantabulous 90-minute yoga classes. It’s making me mildly resentful of choir.

Plus, I am rather envious of the sista and A’s adventures on the roads with their bikes and wish I could do the same too. But I have yet to conquer my ridiculous fear of bikes, turning corners and zipping fast. I really want to but I reckon I need someone to guide me along. There is no point getting the boyfriend because a) he has football on Saturdays and refuses to partake in any physical activity after that and b) he has zero interest in such activities. Which can be rather saddening and annoying.

I wish the haze would go away so that my eyes stop hurting, my throat stops hurting and my nose stops running.


Little Miss Shopaholic

Beauty is skin deep

My loot

And this is why we need cosmetics and skincare products to keep us beautiful.

Received my loot from this Nigerian scammer I know and boy, am I happy happy happy! Yes, I am truly shallow, deriving pleasure and joy from materialistic pursuits.

But oh, that bottle of Calvin Klein smells and looks so sexy and since I can never afford a Vera Wang wedding gown, I am going to make damn sure I at least smell like a Vera Wang bride (ie. classy, elegant and expensive).

Take a guess how much my loot cost in all.

For now, Nigerian Scammer, you rock! Or rather, your friend rocks. Whatever.

The organised chaos

‘Tis midweek!

me looking huh

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And I’m lurving it.

The week goes by faster these days, because I am getting to enjoy the new work that I have been doing. My trainer from London is a fabulous dude and we have been having lots of fun and laughter during our sessions together. Tomorrow, we are taking him out for dinner and drinks, along with the new people, and I think it’s going to be a blast.

The only thing I miss is my own desk, adorned with my own decorations.

I absolutely heart this photo that was taken by the boyfriend when we were in Shanghai. DSLR is the way to go!

And see if you can spot a mention of me in this article. The writer was ever so generous with his description of me, although I think it’s largely to do with making his article sound more credible. Heh.

Off to the bed, am attempting to go for a swim in the morning before work.