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I am woman, hear me roar

(Update: Official timing is 1:05:47.)

So, the great race has been run and oh what a run!

“!(imgcenter)!(race bib)”:

I have to say, I really enjoyed today’s Great Eastern Women 10K run more than last year’s Singapore Marathon. It’s much smaller and felt rather cosy. Plus, the attention the organisers paid to us was tremendous.

Once we finally push past the finish line, there were copious drinks plied onto us. In addition, there were servings of fruit for those who needed to replenish their body energy, as well as young ladies handing out wet wipes. There was even free massage to help beat those tightened muscles out of kink. The carnival vibe was really infectious and I had a great time.

When I finally rolled out of bed at 6am, I discovered, to my horror, that I was suffering from stomach cramps because of that time of the month. Of all the bad luck! I had to force down two slices of wholemeal bread before popping my very last Ponstan to kill the pain.

“!(imgleft)!(Running running)”:

The dude picked me up and we made our way down to the starting point. It was quite an experience seeing all the men – boyfriends, kids-toting husbands – standing by the sidelines and cheering the women on. I even caught sight of one of my favourite editors at work with his young son in support of his wife.

I’ve come to realise that running is really all in the mind. Once I was past the 4km mark, the legs started to slow and went into automatic gear of pounding the tarmac. It was up to the mind to keep pushing the body forward.

Don’t stop, keep going, enjoy the run, go.


In the end, I made it through the distance without stopping. Deciding that it was no use trying to outrun others, I went at my own pace and plodded on slowly but steadily. When I caught sight of the finishing point, I decided to put on a big smile on my face and sprinted forward like a woman possessed. And what a result! Tentatively, the boyfriend estimated my timing to be about 65 minutes, which is so much better than my anticipated 70 minutes. Hurrah!

“!(imgleft)!(Pucker up!)”:

We spent the entire afternoon just sleeping in and watching Battlestar Galactica. Simple but extremely fun. Kudos to the boyfriend for being so patient – from picking me up at 645am to waiting 30 minutes for me to shower at the gym. I (supposedly) have said it before and I’ll say it again: Boyfriend, you da best!

I am so glad I have done this. Another milestone chalked in my life!

6 thoughts on “I am woman, hear me roar”

  1. as the organiser of the great eastern women 10k, i’m glad you enjoyed your race.
    Thanks for the good review and we will do our best to improve next year!


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