A very belated food post

For the past few weeks, I have actually been going to new food places but somehow, I never mustered the effort to sit down and properly chronicle my eating adventures. Well, here’s an abridged version of my exploits though I am no food connoisseur.

1. Capella
Thanks to the handy Women’s Weekly One-for-One dining voucher, the boyfriend and I had the chance to indulge in delicious Italian cuisine.

Capella did not disappoint. On the Saturday evening that we went, the restaurant was cosy and quiet despite it being a public holiday as well. The ambience was warm, the service prompt and polite and it was truly a lovely place for some couple time.

The food was no letdown either and the set dinner we had was quite value-for-money. The beef carpaccio starter came with delicate slices of beef that were tender and fragrant, while the mushroom soup was thick and creamy with chunky bits of mushroom. My veal shank pasta had generous servings of veal while the boyfriend’s grilled dory was crisp on the outside but soft and melting on the inside.

In all, we blew about $80, which was not too bad given the delicious food and wonderful environment.

30 Victoria Street, #01-29 Chijmes, Tel: 63349928

2. Hoohaa cafe/pub
We found this neat little place quite by accident. On our way to check out the newly-opened Vivocity, we got stuck in a jam and decided to take a raincheck on shopping and move on to eating instead.

Sitting at the corner of Pasir Panjang Village, the alfresco cafe has a Holland Village vibe without the “see and be seen” feel. It’s a homey little nook where everyone can just sit around, take a few swigs of beer and enjoy the football match that’s screening on television at the moment.

I had the garlic prawn aglio olio, which was mildly disappointing. The dressing was bland and had no discernible flavour. The only redeeming factor was the many fat and juicy prawns that came along with it. The boyfriend had a lovely rack of lamb accompanied by mash potatoes and vegetables. The lamb was tender and succulent, with a hint of herbal goodness.

It’s a place I definitely want to revisit.

3. Bongout cafe

This is yet another place we found by accident. After practice one evening, the usual suspects were on our way to dinner when the boyfriend drove past Robertson Quay. At that moment, we decided to seek out food there instead of our original venue of Orchard Cineleisure and boy, am I glad we did.

This little Japanese cafe is not only a dining place but also a store for people to sell and buy used Japanese things. From CDs to books, Bongout has almost everything on sale and at low prices to boot.

The food was exceptionally good too. We had the chicken/pork cutlet with beef curry ($17) and unlike typical Japanese curries served in Singapore, Bongout’s curry was spicier and less sweet. This made it more palatable to the Singaporean tastebuds. We also had the beefsteak don ($13), which came with tender, delicious strips of beef.

All in all, a very satisfying meal.

Bongout Cafe
60 Robertson Quay #01-01 THE QUAYSIDE Singapore 238252
Tel : 6732-5234

4. The Chocolate Factory
“!(imgleft)!(The Chocolate Factory)”:
After stuffing our faces with Japanese food, we moved on to desserts. Tah dah! Lucky for us, there was an empty table outside and we proceeded to have a feast.

The iced chocolate was quite a letdown – it was bland and positively uninspiring. Mr Busy’s chocolate tart, on the other hand, hit the right spots with just the perfect level of sweetness and cocoa mixed with an addictive, crunchy crust. Mmm.

The souffles had looked mouthwatering and the lot of us ordered three different flavours – chocolate, lemon and After 8. The chocolate was rich with a slight hint of bitterness, which was great because too much of a sweet thing can be overly cloying. The lemon tasted like detergent, sadly, but could not compare to the After 8 in terms of atrocity.

Being a fan of After 8 chocolate mints, I had envisioned a heavenly concoction of minty chocolate melting in my mouth. What came out of the pan was a green, radioactive base that had an artificial minty taste which could not be masked by the molten chocolate. Needless to say, it went half-eaten.

Sadly, The Chocolate Factory produced more misses than hits and I was not terribly impressed. Should have gone on to Canale instead.

The Chocolate Factory
The Pier on Robertson Quay
80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-11, Singapore 239013

6 thoughts on “A very belated food post”

  1. If you visit Canele, go try the Le Royale, I like it more than the Opera. The macaroons are apparently a bestseller but I don’t like them. The L’Amour was cloyingly sweet although it looked quite pretty. The chestnut cake (loaf) was quite a disappointment; way too sweet. I should have bought the earl grey cake instead.


  2. Wah rau i can’t imagine anyone devouring a giant meringue all by herself. Yeah i’m getting quite tired of canele, and TCF wasn’t exactly da bomb. We need another dessert place!!Ooh, next time, we’ll go to Marmalade Pantry together k!


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