The organised chaos

Fail, try again


I was clearly very happy to see the finishing line. Look at that wide grin, don’t I resemble a clown?

Anyway, I just failed my driving practical test this morning. My parallel parking, which had been perfect for the past weeks, suddenly did me in. When the tester told me to move into number 41 for parallel parking, I panicked because firstly, I had never been into number 41 before and secondly, I could not see the fracking pole through my window and stupidly thought I would just try parking anyway.

What resulted was a series of bumping curb, the car getting stuck in a weird position and a knocked over pole.

The most annoying thing is, I did everything else perfect in the circuit and the faults I committed while on the road were not enough to get me failed. This just goes to show how you just can’t predict and prepare for some things in life.

But ah well, the good news is, I am off to Bangkok tomorrow afternoon with Sheepie! She’s a Bangkok veteran and has already planned out all the shops and pubs we are going to hit. I heart this girl, our friendship is definitely one of the best things to have happened in my working life.

So there won’t be any updates here till Wednesday. In the meantime, you are stuck with this glorious picture of me sprinting towards the finishing line at the Great Eastern Women 10K run.


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