Bangkok madness

Ahh Bangkok. Where do I even begin?

The trip started out as a grouse. More specifically, my grouse. I was due to visit the land of shopping with the boyfriend in November but he just could not confirm the dates with me. As I started complaining to Melly about not having someone to go with, she piped that she had some annual leave left, would we like to go together?

The end result is this: $103 air tickets inclusive of taxes, $150 accommodation for the both of us and many dollars spent on clothes, food, bags and shoes. Oh, and a whole lot of fun and a friendship for life (I hope).

The place where we fell most in love with was Suan Lum Night Bazaar. We went there twice and twice we came back happy. On the second night, we sat down for dinner at the open air stage where some bands were jamming. On the left of us was an entire row of stalls selling food. To our right was an entire row of beer sellers. We sat there eating our delicious grilled chicken and sipping beer and just taking in the beer garden atmosphere. Utterly delightful.

Another new haunt we fell in love with was playground! at Sukhumvit Soi 55. Initially, we were lazy arses and did not feel like making our way down to Sukhumvit but in the end, we were glad we did. We spent the entire afternoon soaking in the creative vibe of the place before parking ourselves in the restaurant on the first floor.

Vanilla Restaurant was just awesome. It had charming, vintage decor and sitting by the large bay windows made us feel like we were in Paris. The waiters were helpful and prompt (and possibly amused by our camera whoring ways) and the food was delicious. When it was time for us to finally leave and move on to Khao San, they presented us with a bill that had a cute smiley face drawn on it.

Khao San was another amazing adventure. As we walked down the crowded lane with neon lights shining next to us, it felt as if we were in another world. There was something outer worldly and yet very commercial about that place. When we settled down in a pub to have a beer, we weren’t in Bangkok and could be in any resort in the world. It was just chill, zen and chill.

When it was time to leave for home, neither of us was particularly willing. It was almost everything a holiday should be: relaxing, spontaneous and fun.

The entire set of pictures are available here.

Everything Else

Ahh, sweet goal

Football is such a tempting mistress.

Watching the highly anticipated Man United-Chelski game has gotten my blood pumping, the temper rising and the cheers/jeers bubbling.

The Louis Saha goal was just a goal of pure genius. From a timely flick from Rooney, Saha paused for a moment before curling the ball around Carvelho’s outstretched leg and into the net.

Initially, I had my doubts and was yelling obscenities at the television as Saha seemingly stood there undecided about what to do with the ball.
“What the hell are you doing, Saha?!”
The boyfriend replied, “It went in lah!”
“Oh. Yes!!”

Ahh, a moment of glorious joy. Especially when the camera panned to The Portuguese and he was sitting down on the chair, sulking away. That’s a double shot of happiness.

Still, there were moments that marred the game. Drogba would have made a great action actor if he had not turned his sights onto football. Such beautiful diving, such strong arms that grab and jab, he’s definitely a better actor than Tom Cruise is. And Ballack the Brute probably kicked more legs than he did the ball.

Okay, back to the game. By the way, where’s Sheva? Haven’t seen him much during the match. Hur hur.