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Ahh, sweet goal

Football is such a tempting mistress.

Watching the highly anticipated Man United-Chelski game has gotten my blood pumping, the temper rising and the cheers/jeers bubbling.

The Louis Saha goal was just a goal of pure genius. From a timely flick from Rooney, Saha paused for a moment before curling the ball around Carvelho’s outstretched leg and into the net.

Initially, I had my doubts and was yelling obscenities at the television as Saha seemingly stood there undecided about what to do with the ball.
“What the hell are you doing, Saha?!”
The boyfriend replied, “It went in lah!”
“Oh. Yes!!”

Ahh, a moment of glorious joy. Especially when the camera panned to The Portuguese and he was sitting down on the chair, sulking away. That’s a double shot of happiness.

Still, there were moments that marred the game. Drogba would have made a great action actor if he had not turned his sights onto football. Such beautiful diving, such strong arms that grab and jab, he’s definitely a better actor than Tom Cruise is. And Ballack the Brute probably kicked more legs than he did the ball.

Okay, back to the game. By the way, where’s Sheva? Haven’t seen him much during the match. Hur hur.

1 thought on “Ahh, sweet goal”

  1. Man U played football at a pace so fast that Chelski were left chasing shadows.

    Unable to compete in footballing terms, they resort to cluttering. Ballack was totally clueless, a situation many of his team mates found themselves in.

    Drog the dog makes my blood boil at the end of match with his hands cupped to ears gesture. Why cant Man u just hold on to the lead and shut the dog up?

    He enraged me to the point i almost kick my tv set. And Im a neutral.

    Bring on Chelski next week. Arsenal unlikely to do anything this season, but we’ll finish what you can’t.

    After all we’ve beaten Man U and thrased Liverpool so far. *sniggers*


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