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Miss Speedy unleashed!


Vroom vroom!

After $200 staged a walkout from my wallet this morning, I have finally gotten that darned Class 3 driving licence. No, the money was not meant for bribery (sidenote: the tester who spoke to us in the waiting room this morning kept emphasizing to us that corruption is bad, we should not be giving money to the testers and must cooperate with them to stamp out corruption. Hmm). Rather, it was the cost of a last-minute lesson and the $50 I paid to get a nice, shiny licence with my pretty picture on it.

“It’s $50 for life, okay. Not expensive,” said the same tester.

Anyway, it was second time lucky for me. Before the test, I had rang up Mummy to tell her of my worry and stress. She assured me that she was praying for me and advised me to stop thinking about how difficult it might be.

Thankfully, the tester was still dour but less dour than the previous chap. He actually said “good morning” to me! The good news also is that my circuit, which did me in previously, was perfect. The not-so-good news is that I am quite a blur blob speed demon on the road.

As we were going through my driving skills after the test, he looked at me sternly and said, “I am going to pass you.”

Magic words, hah!

Now, I can finally stem the flow of money going out from my bank account (driving is darn expensive) and get a good night’s sleep tonight!

“!(imgcenter)!(No more sucking up my blood, hah!)”:

Goodbye, ulu Ubi

The organised chaos

You sir, in that fancy Lexus

“!(imgcenter)!(Rude boor in that fancy car)”:

Let me say it outright: You have absolutely no manners, none whatsoever, and you blacken the names of all Singaporean drivers.

First of all, you were terribly obnoxious to think that you could cut the line of cars waiting to exit ECP at Fort Road and zoom right up to our little Hyundai Getz to try to get ahead of us. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you tried to cut into our lane when there was obviously not enough space for two cars, let alone one as big as your very posh Lexus RX300.

And then when we tried to push on ahead of you because we were displeased by your act of insolence, you stepped on your accelerator to try to force us out. And so, we continued playing this game of “let’s see who will get in front of the other”, with you driving relentlessly forward and not letting us through even though we were there first and had the right of way.

At one point, we were so close that the boyfriend could have wound down his window and smashed your left passenger window in.

In the end, you won out, simply because you had the bigger car and we didn’t have the muscle to outfight you. As you moved on forward triumphantly, your enormous Lexus SUV brushed against our right side mirror and pushed it in.

Your boorish behaviour disgusts me. As a driver who was trying to cut into the lane of other drivers who have patiently waited their turn at the exit, you could have exercised some humility and courtesy. Instead, you acted as if you had every right to dismiss the cars behind you because they were polite enough to wait and you weren’t.

You have obviously made it in life since you can afford to drive a rich man’s car. But you definitely have some way to go in terms of social maturity. Get rid of the loutish, churlish and ungracious traits and grow some manners.

Arts & Entertainment

Singapore Lions win!

“!(imgcenter)!(We win!)”:

It was a really terrible match. The Lions were awful, really, but the good news was that the Malaysian team was even worse. The passing was dreadful, the shots were not on target and the speed was just not there. Gah.

But it was a great outing anyway. Sitting between GQ and the boyfriend was rather hilarious, as they muttered words that are unprintable and shouted curses rather grumpily. As GQ said, we probably had more fun doing the Kallang Wave and shouting rude words than watching the match actual. Plus, it was a nice way to send off the Grand Dame – the National Stadium is due for demolition.

Fun! Next destination: Old Trafford!

Arts & Entertainment

When I grow up…

….I want to be just like Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace.

There has never really been any compelling female character such as her on television. She fights and drinks like a man, pilots a space ship like the devil, is lean and mean, enjoys a good frakking battle once in a while, loves passionately, is full of smarts, and has the emotional core of a woman. She has no lack of womanly wiles too, with that infectious laughter and come hither eyes.

She’s really one of the main reasons why Battlestar Galactica is so addictive. Her character is strong and yet contains all the nuances that makes her a fascinating woman. Her flaws and weaknesses are laid out bare for the audience to see but these are traits that she tries desperately to keep locked up in the confines of her mind as she shows the world how hardy she is. She’s complicated, no doubt, but that makes her human. And when I see her kick the asses of those toasters, I can’t help but give a cheer.

And oh, she’s got the hottest body too. Delectable toned arms, washboard abs and a perky butt that looks great in the uniform. If there is one woman I would want to sleep with, it’s her. She is one woman who redefines what sexy means.

Rumours have it that she is going to be either unveiled as a new model of Cylon or be killed off or both later in the season and I am thinking that if either happens, I will probably shed a few tears (okay, many tears) and stop watching the series, fourth season or not. It just isn’t the same without Starbuck’s hard talking ways and the whole sexual tension between her and Apollo, handsome wuss that he is.

So when I grow up, I want to be just like Starbuck. In the meantime, here is the gag reel from season three, which features some hilarious bloopers from the filming of this intriguing show.

Health Goddess

Pump it up, baby

There is strangely something addictive about lifting a bar, with weights attached, high above your head while you are lying down flat on your back.

Yesterday’s pump class after a hiatus gave me quite a high. Granted, my weights were not that heavy with the maximum being 5kg on both arms, but it did feel good to know that I have progressed quite a bit from my early days of puny 1kg weights on each arm. The frequent day-after aches and pains have all but vanished and I know it’s time for me to push a little bit more.

That’s the beauty of exercise, really, be it running or cycling or lifting weights. It’s the mental stimulation that really kicks ass. Every time i feel like being lazy or tired, I tell myself to push on and at the end of the day, the knowledge that I could have given up but didn’t drives me on. You just want to keep doing better and more.

It’s the same for yoga. My heels still can’t touch the floor when I am in the downward dog pose but I can feel my flexibility improving. There’s this determination that pushes me to force my screaming muscles to do poses that they seem reluctant to do and after the class, I skip out of the room feeling light.

After a two-hour workout of Pump and Combat, it’s time for a rest today. But there’s the possibility of cycling in Sentosa with Trev on Sunday to look forward to. Yay!


Krabi Day 3

Jan 13, 2007

We decided to dedicate the third day of our trip to doing mostly nothing. It sounds remarkably lazy but it was really great just chilling and doing nothing.

“!(img)!(Our balcony view)”: “!(img)!(Greedy Jimmy)”: “!(img)!(Grilled chicken)”: “!(img)!(Pancake)”:

After grabbing some grub from the roadside stalls dotting the town of Ao Nang, we had a leisurely lunch sitting at the balcony of our hotel. It was a lovely, cosy corner and we had our privacy ensured by tall plants standing just outside.

“!(img)!(Sun rays at Railey)”: “!(img)!(Sun rays at Railey)”: “!(img)!(Beer Chang)”: “!(img)!(Sulky boy)”:

The next stop on our agenda was Railey beach, renowned for its beauty and serenity. We boarded a long-tail boat after a short wait of 15 minutes for just 60 baht each and were not disappointed by Railey. Like Maya, it had sand which was soft and powdery and clear, emerald green water that went on for miles. For more than an hour, we sat by the beach armed with chips and beer and basically did…nothing. It was heaven.

When we got back, it was time for dinner. Since we had no plans for the evening, we decided to take the local bus down to Krabitown for a mere 40 baht per person.

“!(img)!(Swensen’s)”: “!(img)!(The boyfriend hearts me)”: “!(img)!(Hearts in chocolate fondue)”: “!(img)!(Bus stop)”:

Krabitown was not really impressive after the beauty and simplicity of Ao Nang. We grew bored after a meal by the roadside and some chocolate goodness at Swensen’s (139 baht for a chocolate fondue). After stocking up on beauty essentials at my favourite shop in Thailand, Boots, we headed back to Ao Nang and back to The Lost Pirate Bar for the Manchester United-Aston Villa match.

There, we encountered the most obnoxious Caucasian we had met on the trip. He was a Briton and a fellow Man U supporter. Like us, he was sitting at the bar, which was nearest to the television, and was there to catch the match.

For the entire 90 minutes of the match, Mr Obnoxious was shouting, in his limited vocabulary, the following – “Go Scholesy!”, “Re-fer-ree!” and “You’re rubbish!” It was terribly annoying and it took a lot of patience on my part not to slap his face into that pint of Singha beer that he was downing. His poor Thai wife tried to restrain his enthusiasm by casting aggrieved looks in his direction but they were sadly laughed away by him.

We bade farewell to that warm and friendly waiter we had come to know at the bar and walked back to the hotel to pack our bags for our last day in Krabi.

Krabi Day 1
Krabi Day 2


Krabi Day 2

Jan 12, 2007

It’s really wrong to wake up early when you are on holiday. Because I couldn’t get used to sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, I didn’t get much sleep. The boyfriend claims that I had smacked him smartly on the tummy when he snored a little too loudly but I plead innocence!

Off we went for our four islands tour at 9am after a relatively light breakfast (didn’t want to regurgitate food during the boat ride). Thankfully, the weather was cool after the rain the previous night.

“!(imgleft)!(Krabi waters)”:
The water of Krabi is absolutely amazing. The colour of emerald, it was clear and refreshingly cold to skin that was heated up by the sun. We could look down from our boat to see beautiful corals and schools of fish making their way around the seabed.

“!(img)!(Fishy)”: “!(img)!(School of fish)”: “!(img)!(My very own whale!)”: “!(img)!(Me)”:

Things picked up rather nicely when we started snorkeling. It was such an amazing experience swimming with the fishes. There were all sorts in various colours and patterns, and the silence of the water was just incredible. We were in another world, a world which I was dying to explore further. I wanted to keep snorkeling, to remain underwater and see more sights. Looks like obtaining a diving license with Trevor is next on the cards!

“!(imgleft)!(Maya beach)”:
Another highlight of the tour was our last stop at Maya Beach. Famously known as the beach where the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed, it was definitely one of the best beaches in Krabi. The sand was silky soft and the water clear and blue. Surrounded by Krabi’s famous karsts, it was akin to being in paradise.

We trooped back to the hotel, feeling buoyed by the entire experience and vowing to come back again once we could dive.

After a quick shower, we headed down to the other side of Ao Nang beach for some sunset but it was too overcast for anything spectacular. Following an extremely hearty and delicious seafood dinner at Wangsai’s, we hit the town and moved on to a pub for my Beer Chang fix.

The Lost Pirate bar gets my thumbs up for having a most relaxed vibe and wait staff who were friendly and ever smiling. We sat there with our beers and chatted till my eyelids were drooping. We walked back to the hotel hand-in-hand and that was how my birthday ended, with a smile.

“!(imgcenter)!(Having a pint at the Lost Pirate bar)”:

Krabi Day 1
Krabi Day 3


Krabi Day 1

I have finally edited all the pictures taken during my Krabi holiday and uploaded them all on Flickr.

The next few entries will be dedicated to recaps from the wonderful trip.

Day 1: Jan 11, 2007
“!(imgleft)!(Bye bye rainy day)”:
It was pouring the entire miserable day. After a nice dinner with some of the gang the night before, I managed to drag myself out of bed to pack for the trip. Eight tops, four bikinis and two bottles of sunscreen later (call me vain), I was done.

It was still pouring when we left and I was just glad to leave the grey skies behind as we made our way to Krabi on Tiger Airways. Tiger is definitely a better carrier than AirAsia. The flight was only delayed slightly, the service was prompt and the seats were comfortable. It certainly helped that the Budget Terminal was spacious and cheerful.

When we arrived at Krabi Airport, it was a smooth customs clearance. After a 40 minute drive, which cost us 600 baht by taxi, we arrived at the hotel and were impressed by the large size of the comfortable room. But our priority was to hit the town and get some food for we were starving.

“!(imgleft)!(Phad thai)”:
Worrying enough, it started raining when we got to Ao Nang town (gaah!). We ducked into the nearest resturant, Ao Nang Cuisine (reportedly one of the best in town), and I finally got to indulge in my Thai food fix again. I’ve missed Thai food! The spices, the delectable tastes that gently sweeps my palate and the dirt cheap prices, everything about Thai food just thrills me.

After tucking into a delicious meal, we explored Ao Nang for a while before heading back to the hotel to rest for our adventure the next day – the four-islands tour!

Krabi Day 2
Krabi Day 3

Arts & Entertainment

Looks from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were held yesterday and while the results sprang certain surprises (America Ferrera as Best Actress! Sacha “Borat” Baron Cohen is Best Actor!), the red carpet was sadly a disappointing and dull affair.

Fortuntely, there were some nice dresses that sparkled and shone.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The ladies in white were certainly far from being wall flowers. Ali Larter (L) from “Heroes” showed off her lanky figure in this Grecian-style, low-cut dress. She looks like a blonde goddess, doesn’t she? But then again, I may be biased because “Heroes” is currently one of my favourite shows on the tube.

Maybe that would also explain why I liked Hayden Panettiere’s (also from “Heroes”) tube dress with a braided belt cinched just below the bust line. It’s elegant and does not overwhelm her petite figure. In her case, less is more.

But the best white dress of the night belongs to the newly single Cameron Diaz. Some may not like her one-shouldered tiered ruffle dress but I love it! It’s quirky, unique and outstanding from a sea of gowns. The black sash matches her dark hair perfectly. Justin Timberlake, you’re missing out on a hell lot.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The women wearing colourful gowns did not disappoint either. Renee Zellweger, always a sure bet for good looking dresses, looked like a million bucks in that shimmering emerald green strapless gown with a knotted bustline.

Rachel Weisz looks stunning in the red column tube dress which elongates her figure. But she does look a little drab without any accessories.

Naomi Watts is somehow always glowing, especially in the teal strapless dress adorned with patterns. It’s a little different from the usual ballgowns and fancy dresses, this is something more subtle and yet it stands out.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Other notables include Mischa Barton’s gorgeous shiny locks, teased into a sexy perm. It has a vintage touch and she carries it off well. I like Reese Witherspoon’s canary yellow dress too, she looks like a delectable piece of candy. And Drew Barrymore looks like a princess in the pink tube dress with gathers.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Oh, how could I forget about the men? Patrick Dempsey is sexy, manly hot and I don’t even watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. Maybe it’s time to start. Masi Oka is not your typical hunky television star but his jovial Hiro character on “Heroes” makes me want to squeeze him tight just because he is so cute.

But Josh Holloway gets to me the most. Who could resist that dimpled smile and the bad boy five o’clock shadow? Whatever Sawyer wants, he can have it all!

The organised chaos

Celebrating growing old

“!(imgcenter)!(Clear blue skies)”:

Alright folks, I am leaving this schizophrenic weather behind me in search of some sunny skies in Krabi, while I celebrate the passing of my youth (sobs). I will come back 26 shades darker and with a big bright smile, looking like a certain mascot of a toothpaste brand which used to have a questionable and racist name.

On another note, I have been duly informed that there are people who are reading this blog whom I was not aware of (duh….this being the Internet). All I want to say is, I stand by what I write because most of it is based on my own opinion and experiences. If I am wrong, I am happy to learn new points of view but if not, this place remains uncensored.

Krabi La Playa, here I come!