Two of Us

Boom! Bang! Wow!

“!(imgcenter)!(I love fireworks)”:

Our seventh anniversary passed by in the most amusing fashion.

First, we ended up at Long John’s Silver for dinner because he wanted to rush down to Esplanade to chope a good position to shoot the fireworks display. Very romantic, indeed. As I said, while others troop to Garibaldi’s and the like to celebrate, we always end up at the weirdest places.

When the actual display started, I was squealing with delight at almost every second. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The entire darkened sky burst into brilliant flashes of colour in all sorts of shapes and patterns, in sync with the music broadcasted from the Merlion Park. The little twists and surprising explosions made me gasp in wonder.

There was a screw up somewhere and the emcees had barely commanded the audience to observe a minute’s silence for God knows what when the sky was lit up brightly by the fireworks. There wasn’t any countdown of any sort and I was royally annoyed with that.

Nonetheless, it was one of the best displays I had ever seen, sealed by a kiss from the boyfriend after he had finished shooting.

I did miss my Panasonic FZ10 dearly during the display. The battery had gotten stuck and I couldn’t get it out of the camera despite my best efforts. Shooting a fireworks display with a point and shoot, even if it was the Canon Digital IXUS900Ti, was not the same.

“!(imgcenter)!(View from the Esplanade)”:
The gorgeous night scene from Esplanade

“!(imgcenter)!(We heart each other)”:
Happy anniversary!

More pictures can be found in my Flickr set

Edit: As usual, the boyfriend has produced a fantastic set of pictures.