The organised chaos

Celebrating growing old

“!(imgcenter)!(Clear blue skies)”:

Alright folks, I am leaving this schizophrenic weather behind me in search of some sunny skies in Krabi, while I celebrate the passing of my youth (sobs). I will come back 26 shades darker and with a big bright smile, looking like a certain mascot of a toothpaste brand which used to have a questionable and racist name.

On another note, I have been duly informed that there are people who are reading this blog whom I was not aware of (duh….this being the Internet). All I want to say is, I stand by what I write because most of it is based on my own opinion and experiences. If I am wrong, I am happy to learn new points of view but if not, this place remains uncensored.

Krabi La Playa, here I come!

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