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Looks from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were held yesterday and while the results sprang certain surprises (America Ferrera as Best Actress! Sacha “Borat” Baron Cohen is Best Actor!), the red carpet was sadly a disappointing and dull affair.

Fortuntely, there were some nice dresses that sparkled and shone.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The ladies in white were certainly far from being wall flowers. Ali Larter (L) from “Heroes” showed off her lanky figure in this Grecian-style, low-cut dress. She looks like a blonde goddess, doesn’t she? But then again, I may be biased because “Heroes” is currently one of my favourite shows on the tube.

Maybe that would also explain why I liked Hayden Panettiere’s (also from “Heroes”) tube dress with a braided belt cinched just below the bust line. It’s elegant and does not overwhelm her petite figure. In her case, less is more.

But the best white dress of the night belongs to the newly single Cameron Diaz. Some may not like her one-shouldered tiered ruffle dress but I love it! It’s quirky, unique and outstanding from a sea of gowns. The black sash matches her dark hair perfectly. Justin Timberlake, you’re missing out on a hell lot.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The women wearing colourful gowns did not disappoint either. Renee Zellweger, always a sure bet for good looking dresses, looked like a million bucks in that shimmering emerald green strapless gown with a knotted bustline.

Rachel Weisz looks stunning in the red column tube dress which elongates her figure. But she does look a little drab without any accessories.

Naomi Watts is somehow always glowing, especially in the teal strapless dress adorned with patterns. It’s a little different from the usual ballgowns and fancy dresses, this is something more subtle and yet it stands out.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Other notables include Mischa Barton’s gorgeous shiny locks, teased into a sexy perm. It has a vintage touch and she carries it off well. I like Reese Witherspoon’s canary yellow dress too, she looks like a delectable piece of candy. And Drew Barrymore looks like a princess in the pink tube dress with gathers.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Oh, how could I forget about the men? Patrick Dempsey is sexy, manly hot and I don’t even watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. Maybe it’s time to start. Masi Oka is not your typical hunky television star but his jovial Hiro character on “Heroes” makes me want to squeeze him tight just because he is so cute.

But Josh Holloway gets to me the most. Who could resist that dimpled smile and the bad boy five o’clock shadow? Whatever Sawyer wants, he can have it all!

1 thought on “Looks from the Golden Globes”

  1. I love cameron diaz’s gown best! moi partial to ruffles. there’s actually a blackish-pink tiered ruffles skirt in Tangs that I wanted to get, but decided to pass up. should i reconsider?

    and reese witherspoon comes a close second not because i particularly like her gown but just because she looks so toned and good in it.


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