Krabi Day 1

I have finally edited all the pictures taken during my Krabi holiday and uploaded them all on Flickr.

The next few entries will be dedicated to recaps from the wonderful trip.

Day 1: Jan 11, 2007
“!(imgleft)!(Bye bye rainy day)”:
It was pouring the entire miserable day. After a nice dinner with some of the gang the night before, I managed to drag myself out of bed to pack for the trip. Eight tops, four bikinis and two bottles of sunscreen later (call me vain), I was done.

It was still pouring when we left and I was just glad to leave the grey skies behind as we made our way to Krabi on Tiger Airways. Tiger is definitely a better carrier than AirAsia. The flight was only delayed slightly, the service was prompt and the seats were comfortable. It certainly helped that the Budget Terminal was spacious and cheerful.

When we arrived at Krabi Airport, it was a smooth customs clearance. After a 40 minute drive, which cost us 600 baht by taxi, we arrived at the hotel and were impressed by the large size of the comfortable room. But our priority was to hit the town and get some food for we were starving.

“!(imgleft)!(Phad thai)”:
Worrying enough, it started raining when we got to Ao Nang town (gaah!). We ducked into the nearest resturant, Ao Nang Cuisine (reportedly one of the best in town), and I finally got to indulge in my Thai food fix again. I’ve missed Thai food! The spices, the delectable tastes that gently sweeps my palate and the dirt cheap prices, everything about Thai food just thrills me.

After tucking into a delicious meal, we explored Ao Nang for a while before heading back to the hotel to rest for our adventure the next day – the four-islands tour!

Krabi Day 2
Krabi Day 3

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