Krabi Day 2

Jan 12, 2007

It’s really wrong to wake up early when you are on holiday. Because I couldn’t get used to sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, I didn’t get much sleep. The boyfriend claims that I had smacked him smartly on the tummy when he snored a little too loudly but I plead innocence!

Off we went for our four islands tour at 9am after a relatively light breakfast (didn’t want to regurgitate food during the boat ride). Thankfully, the weather was cool after the rain the previous night.

“!(imgleft)!(Krabi waters)”:
The water of Krabi is absolutely amazing. The colour of emerald, it was clear and refreshingly cold to skin that was heated up by the sun. We could look down from our boat to see beautiful corals and schools of fish making their way around the seabed.

“!(img)!(Fishy)”: “!(img)!(School of fish)”: “!(img)!(My very own whale!)”: “!(img)!(Me)”:

Things picked up rather nicely when we started snorkeling. It was such an amazing experience swimming with the fishes. There were all sorts in various colours and patterns, and the silence of the water was just incredible. We were in another world, a world which I was dying to explore further. I wanted to keep snorkeling, to remain underwater and see more sights. Looks like obtaining a diving license with Trevor is next on the cards!

“!(imgleft)!(Maya beach)”:
Another highlight of the tour was our last stop at Maya Beach. Famously known as the beach where the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed, it was definitely one of the best beaches in Krabi. The sand was silky soft and the water clear and blue. Surrounded by Krabi’s famous karsts, it was akin to being in paradise.

We trooped back to the hotel, feeling buoyed by the entire experience and vowing to come back again once we could dive.

After a quick shower, we headed down to the other side of Ao Nang beach for some sunset but it was too overcast for anything spectacular. Following an extremely hearty and delicious seafood dinner at Wangsai’s, we hit the town and moved on to a pub for my Beer Chang fix.

The Lost Pirate bar gets my thumbs up for having a most relaxed vibe and wait staff who were friendly and ever smiling. We sat there with our beers and chatted till my eyelids were drooping. We walked back to the hotel hand-in-hand and that was how my birthday ended, with a smile.

“!(imgcenter)!(Having a pint at the Lost Pirate bar)”:

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