Krabi Day 3

Jan 13, 2007

We decided to dedicate the third day of our trip to doing mostly nothing. It sounds remarkably lazy but it was really great just chilling and doing nothing.

“!(img)!(Our balcony view)”: “!(img)!(Greedy Jimmy)”: “!(img)!(Grilled chicken)”: “!(img)!(Pancake)”:

After grabbing some grub from the roadside stalls dotting the town of Ao Nang, we had a leisurely lunch sitting at the balcony of our hotel. It was a lovely, cosy corner and we had our privacy ensured by tall plants standing just outside.

“!(img)!(Sun rays at Railey)”: “!(img)!(Sun rays at Railey)”: “!(img)!(Beer Chang)”: “!(img)!(Sulky boy)”:

The next stop on our agenda was Railey beach, renowned for its beauty and serenity. We boarded a long-tail boat after a short wait of 15 minutes for just 60 baht each and were not disappointed by Railey. Like Maya, it had sand which was soft and powdery and clear, emerald green water that went on for miles. For more than an hour, we sat by the beach armed with chips and beer and basically did…nothing. It was heaven.

When we got back, it was time for dinner. Since we had no plans for the evening, we decided to take the local bus down to Krabitown for a mere 40 baht per person.

“!(img)!(Swensen’s)”: “!(img)!(The boyfriend hearts me)”: “!(img)!(Hearts in chocolate fondue)”: “!(img)!(Bus stop)”:

Krabitown was not really impressive after the beauty and simplicity of Ao Nang. We grew bored after a meal by the roadside and some chocolate goodness at Swensen’s (139 baht for a chocolate fondue). After stocking up on beauty essentials at my favourite shop in Thailand, Boots, we headed back to Ao Nang and back to The Lost Pirate Bar for the Manchester United-Aston Villa match.

There, we encountered the most obnoxious Caucasian we had met on the trip. He was a Briton and a fellow Man U supporter. Like us, he was sitting at the bar, which was nearest to the television, and was there to catch the match.

For the entire 90 minutes of the match, Mr Obnoxious was shouting, in his limited vocabulary, the following – “Go Scholesy!”, “Re-fer-ree!” and “You’re rubbish!” It was terribly annoying and it took a lot of patience on my part not to slap his face into that pint of Singha beer that he was downing. His poor Thai wife tried to restrain his enthusiasm by casting aggrieved looks in his direction but they were sadly laughed away by him.

We bade farewell to that warm and friendly waiter we had come to know at the bar and walked back to the hotel to pack our bags for our last day in Krabi.

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