Health Goddess

Pump it up, baby

There is strangely something addictive about lifting a bar, with weights attached, high above your head while you are lying down flat on your back.

Yesterday’s pump class after a hiatus gave me quite a high. Granted, my weights were not that heavy with the maximum being 5kg on both arms, but it did feel good to know that I have progressed quite a bit from my early days of puny 1kg weights on each arm. The frequent day-after aches and pains have all but vanished and I know it’s time for me to push a little bit more.

That’s the beauty of exercise, really, be it running or cycling or lifting weights. It’s the mental stimulation that really kicks ass. Every time i feel like being lazy or tired, I tell myself to push on and at the end of the day, the knowledge that I could have given up but didn’t drives me on. You just want to keep doing better and more.

It’s the same for yoga. My heels still can’t touch the floor when I am in the downward dog pose but I can feel my flexibility improving. There’s this determination that pushes me to force my screaming muscles to do poses that they seem reluctant to do and after the class, I skip out of the room feeling light.

After a two-hour workout of Pump and Combat, it’s time for a rest today. But there’s the possibility of cycling in Sentosa with Trev on Sunday to look forward to. Yay!

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