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When I grow up…

….I want to be just like Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace.

There has never really been any compelling female character such as her on television. She fights and drinks like a man, pilots a space ship like the devil, is lean and mean, enjoys a good frakking battle once in a while, loves passionately, is full of smarts, and has the emotional core of a woman. She has no lack of womanly wiles too, with that infectious laughter and come hither eyes.

She’s really one of the main reasons why Battlestar Galactica is so addictive. Her character is strong and yet contains all the nuances that makes her a fascinating woman. Her flaws and weaknesses are laid out bare for the audience to see but these are traits that she tries desperately to keep locked up in the confines of her mind as she shows the world how hardy she is. She’s complicated, no doubt, but that makes her human. And when I see her kick the asses of those toasters, I can’t help but give a cheer.

And oh, she’s got the hottest body too. Delectable toned arms, washboard abs and a perky butt that looks great in the uniform. If there is one woman I would want to sleep with, it’s her. She is one woman who redefines what sexy means.

Rumours have it that she is going to be either unveiled as a new model of Cylon or be killed off or both later in the season and I am thinking that if either happens, I will probably shed a few tears (okay, many tears) and stop watching the series, fourth season or not. It just isn’t the same without Starbuck’s hard talking ways and the whole sexual tension between her and Apollo, handsome wuss that he is.

So when I grow up, I want to be just like Starbuck. In the meantime, here is the gag reel from season three, which features some hilarious bloopers from the filming of this intriguing show.

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