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You sir, in that fancy Lexus

“!(imgcenter)!(Rude boor in that fancy car)”:

Let me say it outright: You have absolutely no manners, none whatsoever, and you blacken the names of all Singaporean drivers.

First of all, you were terribly obnoxious to think that you could cut the line of cars waiting to exit ECP at Fort Road and zoom right up to our little Hyundai Getz to try to get ahead of us. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you tried to cut into our lane when there was obviously not enough space for two cars, let alone one as big as your very posh Lexus RX300.

And then when we tried to push on ahead of you because we were displeased by your act of insolence, you stepped on your accelerator to try to force us out. And so, we continued playing this game of “let’s see who will get in front of the other”, with you driving relentlessly forward and not letting us through even though we were there first and had the right of way.

At one point, we were so close that the boyfriend could have wound down his window and smashed your left passenger window in.

In the end, you won out, simply because you had the bigger car and we didn’t have the muscle to outfight you. As you moved on forward triumphantly, your enormous Lexus SUV brushed against our right side mirror and pushed it in.

Your boorish behaviour disgusts me. As a driver who was trying to cut into the lane of other drivers who have patiently waited their turn at the exit, you could have exercised some humility and courtesy. Instead, you acted as if you had every right to dismiss the cars behind you because they were polite enough to wait and you weren’t.

You have obviously made it in life since you can afford to drive a rich man’s car. But you definitely have some way to go in terms of social maturity. Get rid of the loutish, churlish and ungracious traits and grow some manners.

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Singapore Lions win!

“!(imgcenter)!(We win!)”:

It was a really terrible match. The Lions were awful, really, but the good news was that the Malaysian team was even worse. The passing was dreadful, the shots were not on target and the speed was just not there. Gah.

But it was a great outing anyway. Sitting between GQ and the boyfriend was rather hilarious, as they muttered words that are unprintable and shouted curses rather grumpily. As GQ said, we probably had more fun doing the Kallang Wave and shouting rude words than watching the match actual. Plus, it was a nice way to send off the Grand Dame – the National Stadium is due for demolition.

Fun! Next destination: Old Trafford!