The organised chaos

Miss Speedy unleashed!


Vroom vroom!

After $200 staged a walkout from my wallet this morning, I have finally gotten that darned Class 3 driving licence. No, the money was not meant for bribery (sidenote: the tester who spoke to us in the waiting room this morning kept emphasizing to us that corruption is bad, we should not be giving money to the testers and must cooperate with them to stamp out corruption. Hmm). Rather, it was the cost of a last-minute lesson and the $50 I paid to get a nice, shiny licence with my pretty picture on it.

“It’s $50 for life, okay. Not expensive,” said the same tester.

Anyway, it was second time lucky for me. Before the test, I had rang up Mummy to tell her of my worry and stress. She assured me that she was praying for me and advised me to stop thinking about how difficult it might be.

Thankfully, the tester was still dour but less dour than the previous chap. He actually said “good morning” to me! The good news also is that my circuit, which did me in previously, was perfect. The not-so-good news is that I am quite a blur blob speed demon on the road.

As we were going through my driving skills after the test, he looked at me sternly and said, “I am going to pass you.”

Magic words, hah!

Now, I can finally stem the flow of money going out from my bank account (driving is darn expensive) and get a good night’s sleep tonight!

“!(imgcenter)!(No more sucking up my blood, hah!)”:

Goodbye, ulu Ubi

7 thoughts on “Miss Speedy unleashed!”

  1. that looks like an orange chery qq. next time when u move into that tampines flat u can both buy a chery qq!!! orange with sports trim. manual so that ur bf can continue to uhm, “look sexy and masculine”., and you can uhm, practice and not bump into poles….

    so, when are u gonna come fetch us to supper in jimmy’s getz?

    where is my car where is my car where is my car


  2. hohoho, congrats! okay now it’s my turn to get down to Basic Theory…hmmm it seems like i’ve been saying that for ages…


  3. yc – it’s not an orange QQ! Err can’t remember what it was. I’ll drive you to supper in Jimmy’s Getz if you let me drive your silver manual f**ktruck Getz.

    Thanks all!


  4. Mr lim, I waited for almost 3 months too! My first attempt was in early November and I managed to snag a late Jan test date. A colleague who failed his in early Dec also got his second test date in March. Good luck in advance! 😉


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