Krabi Day 1

I have finally edited all the pictures taken during my Krabi holiday and uploaded them all on Flickr.

The next few entries will be dedicated to recaps from the wonderful trip.

Day 1: Jan 11, 2007
“!(imgleft)!(Bye bye rainy day)”:
It was pouring the entire miserable day. After a nice dinner with some of the gang the night before, I managed to drag myself out of bed to pack for the trip. Eight tops, four bikinis and two bottles of sunscreen later (call me vain), I was done.

It was still pouring when we left and I was just glad to leave the grey skies behind as we made our way to Krabi on Tiger Airways. Tiger is definitely a better carrier than AirAsia. The flight was only delayed slightly, the service was prompt and the seats were comfortable. It certainly helped that the Budget Terminal was spacious and cheerful.

When we arrived at Krabi Airport, it was a smooth customs clearance. After a 40 minute drive, which cost us 600 baht by taxi, we arrived at the hotel and were impressed by the large size of the comfortable room. But our priority was to hit the town and get some food for we were starving.

“!(imgleft)!(Phad thai)”:
Worrying enough, it started raining when we got to Ao Nang town (gaah!). We ducked into the nearest resturant, Ao Nang Cuisine (reportedly one of the best in town), and I finally got to indulge in my Thai food fix again. I’ve missed Thai food! The spices, the delectable tastes that gently sweeps my palate and the dirt cheap prices, everything about Thai food just thrills me.

After tucking into a delicious meal, we explored Ao Nang for a while before heading back to the hotel to rest for our adventure the next day – the four-islands tour!

Krabi Day 2
Krabi Day 3

Arts & Entertainment

Looks from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes were held yesterday and while the results sprang certain surprises (America Ferrera as Best Actress! Sacha “Borat” Baron Cohen is Best Actor!), the red carpet was sadly a disappointing and dull affair.

Fortuntely, there were some nice dresses that sparkled and shone.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The ladies in white were certainly far from being wall flowers. Ali Larter (L) from “Heroes” showed off her lanky figure in this Grecian-style, low-cut dress. She looks like a blonde goddess, doesn’t she? But then again, I may be biased because “Heroes” is currently one of my favourite shows on the tube.

Maybe that would also explain why I liked Hayden Panettiere’s (also from “Heroes”) tube dress with a braided belt cinched just below the bust line. It’s elegant and does not overwhelm her petite figure. In her case, less is more.

But the best white dress of the night belongs to the newly single Cameron Diaz. Some may not like her one-shouldered tiered ruffle dress but I love it! It’s quirky, unique and outstanding from a sea of gowns. The black sash matches her dark hair perfectly. Justin Timberlake, you’re missing out on a hell lot.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

The women wearing colourful gowns did not disappoint either. Renee Zellweger, always a sure bet for good looking dresses, looked like a million bucks in that shimmering emerald green strapless gown with a knotted bustline.

Rachel Weisz looks stunning in the red column tube dress which elongates her figure. But she does look a little drab without any accessories.

Naomi Watts is somehow always glowing, especially in the teal strapless dress adorned with patterns. It’s a little different from the usual ballgowns and fancy dresses, this is something more subtle and yet it stands out.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Other notables include Mischa Barton’s gorgeous shiny locks, teased into a sexy perm. It has a vintage touch and she carries it off well. I like Reese Witherspoon’s canary yellow dress too, she looks like a delectable piece of candy. And Drew Barrymore looks like a princess in the pink tube dress with gathers.

“!(img)!(Click for larger image)”:

Oh, how could I forget about the men? Patrick Dempsey is sexy, manly hot and I don’t even watch “Grey’s Anatomy”. Maybe it’s time to start. Masi Oka is not your typical hunky television star but his jovial Hiro character on “Heroes” makes me want to squeeze him tight just because he is so cute.

But Josh Holloway gets to me the most. Who could resist that dimpled smile and the bad boy five o’clock shadow? Whatever Sawyer wants, he can have it all!

The organised chaos

Celebrating growing old

“!(imgcenter)!(Clear blue skies)”:

Alright folks, I am leaving this schizophrenic weather behind me in search of some sunny skies in Krabi, while I celebrate the passing of my youth (sobs). I will come back 26 shades darker and with a big bright smile, looking like a certain mascot of a toothpaste brand which used to have a questionable and racist name.

On another note, I have been duly informed that there are people who are reading this blog whom I was not aware of (duh….this being the Internet). All I want to say is, I stand by what I write because most of it is based on my own opinion and experiences. If I am wrong, I am happy to learn new points of view but if not, this place remains uncensored.

Krabi La Playa, here I come!

Two of Us

Happy love, sad love

The past weekend was really quite the lesson about love.


On Friday, we attended Aldrin and Angie’s wedding dinner and that was the happy love part. When I flipped through their photo album and saw the gorgeous pictures taken during their beautiful wedding ceremony under the clear blue Melbourne skies, a lump formed in my throat, touched as I was by their happiness.

As they had said, it had been a whirlwind experience for them with wedding celebrations spanning three countries. But despite the frustrations, logistics nightmare and exhaustion, they remained positive and were able to enjoy their wedding.

I just hope that when it’s my turn to walk down the aisle, I will be surrounded by as many loving family members and supportive friends as they were. And, of course, that those same supportive friends will not sabo my poor other half too badly.

The sad love bit came a day later.

“!(imgcenter)!(Poor Romeo and his friends)”:

Ever since I was young, I have always been grateful to my mum for giving me the freedom and independence to do the things I want to do. She’s never really stopped me from doing anything because she trusts that I will use my brains and not get myself into trouble. Because of that, I have no qualms talking to her frankly and letting her know when she has toed the line when it comes to me or Sista.

She has never interfered in my love life, believing that if I get hurt, it would only do me good because I would then have to learn to stand up again and be stronger. Hence, I have never really understood those with parents who forbid their children for entering into relationships or set them iron guidelines even at the age of 20.

While I do not agree with kids under the age of 18 getting into relationships (only a few strong ones last and my own experiences tell me that most 18-year-olds are not ready to handle maturity), I do think that it is sheer impossibility to rule over their lives in totality once they are in university. Parents should guide, not rule.

But my poor Romeo friend has to deal with precisely these issues. Is it worth it? All that emotional stress, especially when there is a possibility that it will be a tiresome, long-drawn affair?

I’ve come to learn that putting up a brave front in the face of a protracted love battle is useless. In the end, it’s always smarter to count your losses, leave and then move on.

But they are young and idealistic and energetic. Hopefully, everything will work out eventually, no matter which way it goes.

Two of Us

Boom! Bang! Wow!

“!(imgcenter)!(I love fireworks)”:

Our seventh anniversary passed by in the most amusing fashion.

First, we ended up at Long John’s Silver for dinner because he wanted to rush down to Esplanade to chope a good position to shoot the fireworks display. Very romantic, indeed. As I said, while others troop to Garibaldi’s and the like to celebrate, we always end up at the weirdest places.

When the actual display started, I was squealing with delight at almost every second. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The entire darkened sky burst into brilliant flashes of colour in all sorts of shapes and patterns, in sync with the music broadcasted from the Merlion Park. The little twists and surprising explosions made me gasp in wonder.

There was a screw up somewhere and the emcees had barely commanded the audience to observe a minute’s silence for God knows what when the sky was lit up brightly by the fireworks. There wasn’t any countdown of any sort and I was royally annoyed with that.

Nonetheless, it was one of the best displays I had ever seen, sealed by a kiss from the boyfriend after he had finished shooting.

I did miss my Panasonic FZ10 dearly during the display. The battery had gotten stuck and I couldn’t get it out of the camera despite my best efforts. Shooting a fireworks display with a point and shoot, even if it was the Canon Digital IXUS900Ti, was not the same.

“!(imgcenter)!(View from the Esplanade)”:
The gorgeous night scene from Esplanade

“!(imgcenter)!(We heart each other)”:
Happy anniversary!

More pictures can be found in my Flickr set

Edit: As usual, the boyfriend has produced a fantastic set of pictures.