Little Miss Shopaholic

The art of diamonds

“!(imgleft)!(Tiffany’s Lucida)”:
It’s really quite dull being sick and stuck at home. The virus has thankfully been demolished, sort of, and the only symptoms I have are a congested nose, scratchy throat and freezing even when under a quilt. The Internet is now my best friend and my current obsessions are furnishings for the flat (which will only be ready next year) and DIAMONDS.

Like most girls, I love diamonds. I love how they wink and flash under the sunlight. Even though my poor old ring was only a pointer ring, it could still gleam brightly when the sunlight catches it in the right angle. However, my love for these stones is a superficial one – I merely look at the aesthetics and have zero knowledge of how to differentiate a good stone from a not so good one. So, with my two days in exile from civilisation, I decided to pick up some knowledge from the WWW.

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