The organised chaos

For love or for money

One school of thought says that money is more important. If you are doing something that you aren’t really fond of, the money that you are making can help to offset the dissatisfaction.

The other school believes that as long as there is love and money to keep you alive, nothing is more important than the enjoyment of what you do. Having the love keeps you going and becoming better at what you do and in time, the money will come.

Who should I listen to?

3 thoughts on “For love or for money”

  1. aiya. money lah. money talks.

    you can love doing freebie work but it ain’t gonna put food on the table.

    when u’ve got what i call the “f-off money”, i.e. enough money that you can tell ur superior “f-off” and quit, then u can decide to do whatever you want to do. u can even bum the whole day if u so desire, or bake cakes, or something.


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