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Just because…


It’s Monday morning and my entire post was deleted due to my klutzy fingers hitting the ‘ctrl + r’ buttons.

And Singapore are now the proud winners of the ASEAN Football Championship. Despite the scrappy way they played, I’m proud of the Lions for not giving up and fighting till the end.

My bad football experience was then nullified by the fantastic way the Red Devils demolished Spurs. Eat our dust, Chelski!

Oh, and I love Ichiban Boshi and its sister company, Ichiban Sushi. It serves the best tasting and freshest Japanese fare at prices that hit all the right spots. No more sucky Sakae sushi for me!

And I’m going to miss the Canon IXUS 900 Ti that I’m returning tomorrow. It’s one of the best compact cameras I have used, producing high quality images that are sharp and vivid. It’s got great DOF and captures wonderful details at Macro mode. Its colours might be a little cool sometimes but it’s nothing Photoshop cannot fix. It has been my faithful companion through Krabi and Bangkok, welcomed the new year with me and its manual functions are perfect for control freaks like me. Goodbye IXUS, let’s hope you will be mine again soon. At a discounted price, of course.

1 thought on “Just because…”

  1. Oooo!!!! i love ichiban sushi too! =) Yea, youre right, good food, i love the softshell crab handroll there.. it beats the one at sakae sushi any day! =)


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